Review: @TheTimMcGraw’s “Meanwhile Back At Mama’s” (feat. @FaithHill)

It has been a long time. A very long time. Way too long of a time. But, finally, the country music gods have given us all the gift we have been eagerly anticipating since the 2007 release of “I Need You.” Husband and wife country singing superstars, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, have, once again, combined artistic forces to record McGraw’s latest single, “Meanwhile Back At Mama’s.”

“Meanwhile” can best be described as a simple song with complex meaning. McGraw is no stranger to stripping down his music, relying on minimal instrumental support, and letting his distinct vocals and lyrics speak for themselves. McGraw, along with Hill, revisits this approach with this new release.

“Meanwhile” tells the story of a man who grew up in a small, country town where the pace was slow (at best). Once he leaves that town, life starts to speed right by him and he craves the ease of where he came from. The beauty of his former life is that it is something on which he can always rely, and, by closing his eyes, he can take himself home and know exactly what is going on at mama’s.

The song progresses and the man eventually meets a girl, falls in love, and they make a vow to someday return to the simpler things. Cue Hill. With a cleverly crafted introduction into the song, the two reminisce about the past and channel home — a true constant in their lives. The story ends when mama’s home is for sale and they spend every last cent they have (and borrow more) to make the man’s past their future.

The magic of this song rests in the comfort and beauty of its message, coupled with the believability that the vocal pairing of McGraw and Hill has provided since “It’s Your Love” made its way into our hearts.¬†While this single may not completely resonate with radio, particularly because of its soft, classic sound that is less prominent on air these days, it is a commendable offering by Mr. and Mrs. Tim McGraw.

Meanwhile back at mamas tim mcgraw faith hill

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  1. I love this song !! Tim and Faith are a power couple that few if any can touch in song and in life!!

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