Review: @Tracy_Lawrence’s “Lie”

It’s no secret – we have all been there, we have all felt that. Only, we haven’t been able to so eloquently put our position or feelings into a gut-wrenching song the way Tracy Lawrence has with his newest single, “Lie.”

Lawrence adopts the role of the man left behind in a relationship that is no longer, who cannot seem to pick himself up off the floor, put one foot in front of the other, and begin the painful process of moving forward. Contrarily, the other half of the relationship has been able to recuperate from the split and find somebody else. Lawrence begs to not be told how quickly his lost love has been able to carry on with her life while he is drowning in the immense pain of having to learn to let go.

Lawrence embraces the mentality that ignorance is bliss as he achingly croons, “Lie. Don’t tell me that she looks amazing; just lie if she’s with someone else, I can’t take it. Tell me she looks sad and lonely, tell me she’s been missing me like crazy, and just look me in the eye and lie.”

The corresponding music video aptly depicts the story of a man who hears that his ex-partner has found new lust/love and is traipsing about town on the new man’s arm. The video takes viewers on a walk through Lawrence’s memories, interlaced with present day footage of his former love and her new romantic interest. Perhaps the most climactic part of the music video is when Lawrence discovers (by spotting a necklace he had given her during their relationship) that a close friend upon whom he has relied to help him through his heartbreak is actually the one she is now dating.

This single off Tracy’s most recent album reeks of masochism, as men and women alike will keep this track on repeat as they grieve a breakup. I anticipate that there will be many tears dripping into pints of Ben & Jerry’s with this song of denial, honesty, and vulnerability playing in the background. And, while we are all being honest here, this song will be added to my personal “Heartbroken Again” playlist, due to Lawrence’s execution of this soulful song, his irresistible vocals, and the truth behind the emotion portrayed.

Disclaimer: This review is not a lie.

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