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Rhett Walker Band is a Southern Rock group out of Nashville, Tennessee, led by the vocals of Walker. The band’s latest single, “Here’s to the Ones,” is the title track off their sophomore album, which is available today (and can be downloaded below).

Rhett Walker Band recently released a lyric video for their title track, a song honoring the American man and woman, in anticipation of today’s album drop. A beautifully apropos product, the lyric video presents a montage of classically inspired art of soldiers, men, women, and families. The lyrics are an ode to hardworking, proud middle class Americans who never take freedom for granted and fight for everything they have, whether it is the safety of our citizens or placing food on their tables.

The inspirational chorus goes:

Here’s to the ones who stand their ground. Here’s to the ones who never back down. Oh, here’s to the home of the free. Here’s to the ones who still believe in taking chances and running down a dream. Oh, here’s to the red, white, and blue. Here’s to people like me and you.

In discussing the message of their single Walker explained:

We wanted to write a song about people who stand up for what they believe in, and stand their ground, and aren’t afraid to run down a dream. There’s still men and women out there laying their lives on the line so we can have the freedom to chase down these dreams. They live for hope and peace and love and their families.

Also notably apparent in the video are Walker’s gritty, country rock vocals, which don’t just add an edge to the track, but incorporate raw emotion and believability of the words he is singing. This song will especially speak to the ones who are down on their luck; to the ones who need a little bit of inspiration on a rocky day; to the ones who want to dial back and listen to some pure, classic, southern rock … here’s to the ones.

Watch Rhett Walker Band’s “Here’s to the Ones” Lyric Video:

Rhett Walker Band

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