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In case you missed our first ever #HeyStar! Twitterview with Ricki Lake, here is the Recap. Needless to say Ricki was amazing and most definitely set the bar high for the future of our Celebrity Twitterviews.

Some of you may know Ricki Lake from her talk show or from John Water’s “Hairspray” or her first documentary The Business of Being Born. Lake is currently working on films including Weed the People which explores the use of cannabis on children with cancer, as well as a film about hormonal birth control, called Sweetening the Pill along with producer Abby Epstein. The Business of Being Born questioned the one size fits all approach to birth, and they’ve noticed that there is similar approach to contraception.  It was also wonderful that her Kickstarter for here and Abby Epstein’s new project Sweetening The Pill was a success!

So, I like to get my twitterviews started asking everyone WHERE are you & what are you WEARING?  

Q1 @RickiLake Describe yourself in 140 characters?

A1: I would describe myself as a mother, actress, filmmaker, former talk show host, advocate, and all around fun gal. 😉

Q2 @RickiLake Of all your accomplishments, what are you most proud of? via @KimGarst

A2: Obviously my 2 sons are my greatest accomplishments. After that, The Business of Being Born has been my most fulfilling project to date. #Hairspray didn’t suck either 😉

Q3 @RickiLake If I gave you a brainwashing machine who would you use it on? via @LouPizarro

A3: Hmm.. I’m not so interested in brainwashing, I’m more about educating & learning from all our different brains

Q4 @RickiLake What did you learn about the business that most surprised you during Hairspray?? via @teeco71

A4 3 great pieces of advice from Mr. John Waters
1) always stay humble
2) stay true to yourself
3) never believe the good press or then you must believe the bad
Thanks to John Waters, I have managed to stay pretty grounded all these years.

Q5 @RickiLake I admire the work Ricki&Abby Films has done w/BOBB series – what legacy do you hope these leave behind?? via @blogomomma

A5 My hope is 2 educate young women long b4 they R family planning abt their options when it comes 2 their births. I am proud to say #BOBB is currently being taught in colleges & universities all over the country. I am Pro-informed choice.

Q6 @RickiLake what provoked you to explore the field of women’s health? via @tierabolt

A6 Honestly 9/11. After watching that day unfold firsthand in NYC, I was inspired… … to do something meaningful where I could hopefully make a difference and help women.

Q7 @RickiLake Is there one particular moment you knew ‘this is what I want to do with my life”? via @kimberlyeowens

A7 YES! Seeing #Annie on#Broadway at 6 yrs old was the exact moment I knew I wanted to be a performer

Q8 @RickiLake What is something most people would be surprised to learn about you? Even close friends? via @DonnaDerrico

A8 Hmmmmm… How about I just started eating avocadoes last July? And Now I love them! Thx to my pal @foxyfleet

Q9 @RickiLake What’s the most epic moment of your career so far? The Moment you went WOW? via @brittwv

A9 There have been so many amazing pinch me moments. #Hairspray premiere in #Baltimore in 1988. The premiere of #BOBB @TribecaFilmFestwas a night I won’t forget, Winning the Emmy 4 my talk show was un-freakin-believable

Q10 @RickiLake what is the best mistake you ever made? via @MarcyMassura

A10 Losing my 1st house to foreclosure when I was 20 was by far the best mistake I ever made

Q11 @RickiLake what project/charity that you’ve worked on, was the closest to your heart? via @shootinthedirt

A11 The @jacarandaF is a school in Malawi for #AIDS orphans that I have been supporting 4 10 years. @CNNHeroes

Q12 @RickiLake Is there anything we haven’t asked you about you that you think fans would want to know about you?

A12 I’m pretty much an open book, what you see is what you get. I describe myself at the unfamous famous person.

 Make sure you’re following Ricki Lake on TwitterFacebook and you can get more info about her Kickstarter for documentary “Sweetening the Pill” on her website.

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