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We had an amazing time on #HeySTAR! with Right Said Fred when they joined us for a Twitterview! We had the Twitterview at a special time because of the time differences, since they are in the United Kingdom! We got to talk to them about lots of things including, music, some of their hits, their acting, and some great things they plan on doing in 2016! We can’t wait to hear new music and their new autobiography out next year! You can catch the rest of our chat with Right Said Fred here….

Q1 Describe who you are & what do you do in 140 characters?

A1 I’m Fred Fairbrass, guitarist and songwriter with Right Said Fred, a husband, dad and a pain in the arse

Q2 What is the greatest honor so far in your career? via @justcountrycass

A2 Ivor Novellos the most prestigious songwriting award writers achieve,meeting the Queen

Q3 What inspired your iconic song “I’m Too Sexy” via @kimberlyeowens

A3 a hot studio, Rich took his shirt off singing “I’m too sexy for my shirt” who knew..:)

Q4 What’s 1 thing you absolutely cannot live without & 1 thing you wish we could all live without? via @Teeco71

A4 my inhaler, money,

Q5 What would you be too sexy for in a 2015 version of the song? #HeyStar via @teeco71

A5 Politicians, surveillance, shoes, cake bullshit of any kind, dogs, LA, London, St Tropez

Q6 What is one thing you loved about the US? via @countryinaz

A6 the people, positivity, friendliness, diners, the wide open spaces, coffee re-fills

Q7 If you could have personally witnessed anything, what would you want to have seen? via @justcountrycass

A7 first performance of a Shakespeare play, US Constitution, Magna Carta, Elvis in the 50’s

Q8 What can you tell us about your new album and autobiography (May Contain Nuts) scheduled for Spring 2016

A8 kickass 4onthefloor, acoustic pop we’re very excited, it’s wonderful he said modestly the auto is like a scrap book, lots of family pics , on the road, personal shots,

Q9 What charity is closest to your heart? Why? via @HTKatie

A9 @Live4Life #imnottoosexytogettested , @royalmarsden, we do their marathon every year also @alzheimerssoc and HIV related charities

Q10 You have a few movies you’re involved with what can you tell us about them? via @shootinthedirt

A10 we’re acting in and have written songs for ‘Meet Pursuit Delange’ @pursuitdelange also we’ve written for ‘I Had A Bloody Good Time At House Harker’, a US Comedy/Horror

Q11 If a song played every time you walked in a room what would it be? #RightSaidFredThemeSong

A11 Peggy Lee’s Fever or Men At Work’s Down Under

Q12 Is there anything we didn’t ask that you want to tell us?

A12 yes, a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who’s enabled us to make a living from music..:)

What is the best way for people keep up with you?

best way to follow us @thefreds http://facebook.com/RightSaidFred and http://rightsaidfred.com

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