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On Monday July 28th Country Music Legend Ronnie Dunn joined us for some Country Music #CMchat and proceeded to BLOW up Twitter with our community.  I am not kidding. The feedback from my close friends and our ‘cadre’ was that is was absolutely one of the best Twitterviews we’ve ever “Dunn.” Ronnie answered so many of your questions, gave us the real deal and talked about radio, his show with Kix Brooks and Reba in Las Vegas, where his new music is going and even what he does during his offtime.

We always get our #CMchat Twitterviews starting asking everyone “WHERE are you and what are you WEARing?” How often can your guest drop a selfie like this?

  I am also gonna start this recap with one of my favorite quotes from Ronnie Dunn during our twitterview: Q1 @RonnieDunn Describe yourself in 140 characters?

A1 consistently inconsistent

Q2 @RonnieDunn Which solo song is your most favorite you’ve done to date? via Brandon Huber

A2 two solo songs stand out for me off the first solo project. ..they’re off the grid, I CAN’T HELP MYSELF and LAST LOVE I’M TRYIN’. I was writing for the sake of writing, not for any other reason.

Q3 @RonnieDunn You’ve toured a lot in your career, any place you still haven’t been that you want to go? via @KCarib

A3 Australia is always fun anywhere where they have rhythm and like to party. another question might be “who have I not toured with that I would like to?”

Q4 @RonnieDunn How many pairs of boots do you own? Which is your favorite pair? Why? via @shootinthedirt Q5 @RonnieDunn When can fans expect the next album from you? via @HTKatie

A5 @jaydemarcus and I are working on the album now. Ready for Christmas I hope

Q6 @RonnieDunn We know @reba has a great sense of humor. Any fun pranks between all of you that you can tell us about? via @teeco71

Q7 @RonnieDunn What can fans expect from the @brooks_dunn @kixbrooks @reba show @CaesarsPalace?via @sneezeguard

A7 @Brooks_Dunn @KixBrooks @reba @CaesarsPalace @sneezeguard the production @CaesarsPalace @reba @Brooks_Dunn is HUGE

Q8 @RonnieDunn What’s one life lesson you learned the hard way? via @brittwv

A8 I went to thirteen schools in twelve years. It was painful. I learned the hard way that change is not a bad thing.

Q9 @RonnieDunn Do you regret standing your ground 2yrs ago with Radio…or do you think that is what inspired Nash Icon? via @SuePendleton2

A9 1 never regret fighting for I think is right who knows, maybe it led to my ending up with @NashIconRecords and @scottborchetta innovators for sure #CMchat

Q10 @RonnieDunn What is your favorite song to perform live? Why? via @ @neonrydellers

A10 it changes BELIEVE is flying weird but it’s a show stopper for me. hope I get the chance to do #AintNoTrucksInTexas @CaesarsPalace

Q11 @RonnieDunn What do you like to do when you have free time? via @ChaikinDenise #CMchat

A11 safari was insane ! Your just food out there. I was food with a Camera I bought a bunch of cameras I like to travel and try photography. I don’t know how to just sit and chill. I have to move or I creep myself out

Q12 @RonnieDunn What inspired your new song “Aint No Trucks in Texas”?

A12 I was born in Texas. I drive a truck and I’ve had my heart broken…it’s a radio hit whether politics takes it to the top or not.

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Ain’t No TrucksSingles out! Get you one… RD

Posted by Ronnie Dunn on Monday, July 20, 2015

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Ronnie Dunn Ain’t No Trucks in Texas

ronnie dunn


While chatting with AMS host Blair Garner about the highly-anticipated song and his residency with longtime pals Reba and Kix Brooks. Dunn surprised listeners by announcing that he is giving away a trip to see REBA, BROOKS & DUNN: TOGETHER IN VEGAS at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace when they return to the stage in December after a successful run on the initial dates. The package for a lucky fan and guest includes round trip plane tickets, two nights at Caesar’s Palace, dinner and tickets to the dynamic show, in addition to a meet-and-greet with the superstars. For more details and to enter to win, click here.

“We just finished our first nine shows in Vegas,” continued Dunn. In regards to the sold-out residency, which began in June he elaborated, “Honestly, it’s the most fun I’ve ever had and I’ve played some some cliff hangers over the years. The production, the sound, the crowds are all beyond anything I had imagined and I’m looking forward to the future dates.”

Dunn is continuing to write and record new music. As half of the best-selling duo in Country music history with more than 30 million albums sold, the Texas native’s career already boasts 23 #1 singles and more than 80 industry awards from the Grammys, Country Music Association and a record 27 Academy of Country Music honors. Named Entertainer of the Year four times collectively by the ACM and CMA, Brooks & Dunn consistently remained among Country’s most popular touring acts, a testament both to their showmanship and to their status as one of the true bedrock artists of Country music. Dunn has twice been honored as the BMI Country Songwriter of the Year as well as named the Billboard Magazine’s Country Songwriter of the Year. As a solo artist, Dunn earned two GRAMMY nominations in 2013.

This months Country Music #CMchat Twitterviews are brought to you by Bud Light!

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