We can thank @RonnieDunn for @KipMooreMusic pursuing his dreams

Thank goodness Ronnie Dunn is so amazing. By just being himself, he actually helped encourage Kip Moore to go after his dreams. In the latest installment of the YouTube series Backstage at the Ryman, Kip recalls how Ronnie Dunn inspired him to keep pursuing his dreams.

Ronnie Dunn played here, doing a solo acoustic thing one time… It was right when I first moved to town. Ronnie Dunn blew me away in this building, like blew me away, his voice was so magical. That was probably the second year I’d been living here and I’d never had the money the first year to get in, so I remember how hard that hit me in the chest and just being like, “Gosh I gotta get on that stage, somehow.”

Last October, Kip touched his dream when he performed his own sold-out show at the Ryman Auditorium. Now that he’s successful, Kip admits you’ll still find him hanging out at the same bar near Music Row as he did when he was struggling. Of course, knowing how humble Kip is, this doesn’t exactly surprise us.

When I do come home, I spent so much time in the back room of Losers, playing shuffle board and drinking a few beers, long before we started traveling a lot. It’s always fun to go back in there. A lot of the same characters are in there, propped up at the bar, they’re playing a lot of the classic music on the jukebox and stuff. It’s a cool place.

You will hopefully start hearing Kip’s new single, “I’m to Blame,” on country radio next month.

Author: Country Cadre

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