[email protected]’s #LeaveTheNightOn Gets a Choreography Makeover

Sam Hunt has already taken country music to its boundaries, occasionally tap dancing into rhythm and blues (R&B) and infusing it with his native Georgia twang. Now, world class choreographers have stepped Sam’s music up one more notch, taking his Number 1 hit “Leave the Night On” and creating a hip hop style dance to the catchy tune.

Though Sam did not get involved with the dancing, he firmly stood behind the plan to turn his hit song into the subject of some fun choreo for a group of dancers who don’t just think they can dance — they know they can dance.

Sam explained to Taste of Country:

I embraced it. I’m a big fan of what Matt [Steffanina] does and that style of dance in general. I’m very intrigued with it.

Are you intrigued about what Matt Steffanina did with this song? The wait is over, and without further ado, we present the dance video for Sam Hunt’s “Leave the Night On”!

Author: Country Cadre

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