Allow @SamHuntMusic to #TakeYourTime with His Music Video (Watch!)

Sam Hunt isn’t asking for much these days. All he wants is to simply “Take Your Time”; and if you are anything like most female country music fans, you are clearing your calendar and willing to give him all the time he wants to take.

With his current hit song, “Take Your Time,” being about meeting a girl in a bar, saying all the right things, and borrowing her for just a bit of time, one would likely think the music video would emulate the lyrical meaning. This could not be more untrue for the treatment for Sam’s newest project.

Rather than depicting the story the tune tells, the video takes on a life of its own, focusing on an abusive relationship that Sam is watching from the outside. Playing the role of a singer in a bar, Sam watches a waitress as she struggles to keep her head above water, supporting her newborn and being the victim of an unhealthy relationship. Ultimately, Sam can no longer stand by and watch the vicious cycle as it worsens and he intervenes, engaging in a fist fight with the perpetrator in an attempt to protect the battered woman.

A starkly different video than would be expected from the Montevallo artist, “Take Your Time” takes an unprecedented dark turn, straying from the rhythm and “bluntry” song that has been tearing up charts and blaring through radios.

Watch Sam Hunt’s “Take Your Time” video

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