EP Review: Sammy Arriaga – Banjos ‘n’ Bongos (Acoustic Mixtape)

With a dream in his heart and a destination plugged into his GPS – Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge to be exact – Sammy Arriaga left his familiar roots in Miami and made the drive up to Nashville to begin a new future in 2011.

Defying genres, music today has become more of a melting pot, and Arriaga has found a way to stand out. His music on this mixtape sounds like the product of a love affair between Miami and Nashville after a wild night of tacos and tequila on the Music City strip of Broadway.

The lyrical diversity covers a multitude of subjects while keeping a theme of love and summer vibes. While the current single, “Cold in Miami” depicts the icy feelings post-break-up, the buoyant strums in “Smokin’ a Cuban” will persuade you to two-step with the cutie catching your eye at the local country bar. If Latin and R&B beats spark your interest, then “Margarita Talk” is sure to be your new jam!

The stand out track is the title song, which likens a could-be love story to the differences in their cultures. “You be the y’all, I’ll be the hola, I’ll be the lime in your Coca-cola. Can’t wait to see where the song goes, you bring the Banjo, I’ll bring the bongos.” This is an upbeat song that you’ll surely want on your summer playlist.

Most notable, Arriaga had his hand in writing each track on this Mixtape, and Banjos ‘n’ Bongos (Acoustic Mixtape) certainly delivers a unique experience for listeners. We are thrilled to follow your journey, Sammy Arriaga!

Pick up Banjos ‘n’ Bongos (Acoustic Mixtape) by Sammy Arriaga on iTunes.

Sammy Arriaga Cover

Author: Tiera Bolt

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