Sandra Lynn And Her New Single “Hey California”

Singer/songwriter Sandra Lynn returns to the radio airwaves with “Hey California.” The song, co-written by Lynn and Dave Brainard (Brandy Clark), puts to music what one might imagine a ‘perfect’ SoCal day feels like. It premiered exclusively on Radio Disney’s Country Spotlight last month. The official music video will be released shortly.

“I feel like this song is such a strong identity piece for me. It represents some of my earliest influences, like the Beach Boys and Sheryl Crow, and captures my love for country music and my roots as a California girl.”

After releasing “Afterparty” in 2014 and “Barhopping” the next year, the California native took time off to focus on her songwriting.

“I wanted to access those vulnerable parts of me that maybe I was scared to tap into before, as well as continue to write and sing about subject matter that was meaningful to me in the hopes that it would resonate with the audience I want to connect with. I really want to speak to women in their 20s, 30s, and 40s who want to let loose at times and shake what their mama gave ’em, but who have also lived a bit of life. They aren’t out on their first date or having their first kiss. There’s depth to their story and in their experiences. I know these women are out there because I’m around them every day, in all walks of life.”

Her debut album will include “Flying.” The song was inspired by the tragic death of a 22-year-old friend in a flying accident. 

“To me, it begged the question: ‘Do you live life to the fullest, knowing there are major risks and failures at the other end of taking leaps of faith?

and “Diamond On My Hand.”

“Those moments in time that we all, as human beings, experience where you wonder if you’re loved for the person you once were to someone or who you are to them now.”

Grammy Award winner Ben Fowler (Sara Evans, Love and Theft) produced the upcoming album – one that should be filled with relatable songs that convey hope.

He captured a vulnerability in my voice, honing in on the raw and vocally defining moments and capitalizing on them. He truly has a keen ear for finding those takes that carry the emotion just enough without getting lost in it, but also conveying the story of the song. You feel like you’re standing right in front of the listener and singing in their ear” 

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