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Sarah Davidson, whom you might now recognize from TNT’s reality series, Private Lives of Nashville Wives, isn’t just the former wife of a well-renowned country music songwriter. While Sarah’s ex-husband, Dallas Davidson, has quite the remarkable career, Sarah has spent her entire life working toward a career of her very own. Sarah’s new self-titled EP is her first studio effort and, if country music fans appreciate sensational writing, beautiful vocals, and catchy songs about life, love, and loss, it will not be her last.

The EP contains five tracks (with a version of the EP that adds the Private Lives theme song, “Bright Lights, Big City,” available exclusively at Walmart), ranging from slow, emotional ballads to energizing tracks oozing with independence. Yes, Sarah was fortunate enough to fill her EP with some of Nashville’s most prominent songwriters. However, no song is complete without the right voice attached, and Sarah provides perfectly poignant vocals on each of the tracks. What makes this EP incredibly unique is that by listening to the tracks in sequence, Sarah tells a story of new love, lost love, and recovery, and does so in a way where you can close your eyes and walk through each step and every emotion alongside her.

The EP leads off with Sarah’s first single, “Drink You Up,” a fun, flirty ode to falling in love and wanting to devour every bit of that love. What better way to reel a country music fan in than a love song cloaked in a track that appears to be about drinking? “Drink You Up” is a strong introduction to Sarah that will leave listeners wondering what else this artist has to offer.

What else Sarah has to offer is back-to-back tracks co-written by her songwriting extraordinaire of an ex-husband. “Ride Around,” which was featured on Private Lives, is a light and youthful track about first love. The song paints a picture of a young woman in a car, taking in her surroundings and allowing her hair to blow freely in the wind. Anybody who is in love or has been in love can turn this track on, sit back, and smile at the feelings Sarah draws from her audience.

Contrarily, “Get Out” (which, during my recent interview with Sarah, she dubbed as the song on the album she is most excited for fans to hear) focuses on the time when love is no longer. In “Get Out,” Sarah aches for the ability to erase her lost love from her mind, memory, and everything that is familiar to her. There is no way around describing this song as “sad,” but it is undeniably relatable to anyone who has suffered through a difficult loss.

Speaking of sad songs, Sarah would prefer to avoid them, but come on! In country music, everyone needs at least one token sad song on his/her/their album! “No More Sad Songs” ironically follows “Get Out” and immediately shifts the mood of the album. This track is about turning the corner from that painful breakup and seeing things from a clear perspective and firmly embraces the essence of the happier side of country music. Pay attention, industry personnel … this one has radio-friendly written all over it!

The first chapter of Sarah’s musical tale ends with her freedom leading her to a point of being able to move on with her life. On this track, aptly titled “Run Wild,” Sarah sings about breaking away from the confines of a relationship, letting loose, having fun, and running wild. Before the album comes to a conclusion, we are left with the impression that Sarah has come full circle and is ready to experience all life has to offer once again. Her heartbreak was only temporary, and now she is rejuvenated and excited about enjoying the world around her.

As this particular portion of Sarah’s story comes to a close, we are left with the satisfaction of knowing she came out the other side stronger, and it is comforting to have a definitive end to this chapter. However, this EP is most certainly just the beginning for Sarah, who proved on this project just how deserving she is to be a part of the country music community. I look forward to continuing to “ride around” with Sarah and following her happily ever after in this industry.

You can pre-order Sarah Davidson’s Self-Titled EP on itunes.

Sarah Davidson EP

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