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Even laid up just following a knee surgery, singer/songwriter Sarah Davidson could not have been more eager to chat with us and tell us all about her upcoming EP and reality television show. Sarah assured us she purposely did not take any medication immediately preceding our telephone conversation, so we are absolutely positive that this Georgia-born country girl is every bit as sweet, friendly, and lovable as we gathered from our lengthy talk! We also gathered from our conversation that following your dreams is always a path worth taking, and we learned that if you dream big enough, believe in yourself, and do the necessary footwork, you have the power to dictate your own journey.

Sarah began singing at a very young age, performing in choirs at church and at school functions, without ever truly imagining that these local performances were the beginning of a long, prosperous career in music. Sarah knew, however, that she felt a special connection to music on an extremely deep level. Evidently Sarah’s church pastor noticed Sarah’s gift because he called her mom one day to tell her that he thought Sarah had a special talent that could be developed into something greater. When Sarah heard about the kind words her pastor spoke, she was overcome with emotion because she was so happy that someone understood her love and passion for singing. It wasn’t long after that fateful phone call that Sarah first heard Whitney Houston’s version of “I Will Always Love You,” sat by her window in her bedroom and thought “I want to write a song like that. That song, you can feel so much emotion.” Sarah then picked up a pen, wrote a song, went to her neighbor’s house, and shared it. From that point on, she was on an unstoppable path to a career in music.

Sarah knew she would have to be in Nashville if she wanted to pursue country music — the genre where she felt most at home due to its story-driven nature — so she moved to Music City and attended Belmont University. During college, she undertook an internship position behind the desk at a record label and worked her way up from that point. Sarah received her first publishing deal with the same record label for which she interned, and she continued to write, all the while performing her songs during writer’s nights around town. After receiving the publishing deal, Sarah had proverbial doors slammed in her face, but she had already made up her mind that “no one was going to tell me what I could or couldn’t be, and I believe in my heart beyond a shadow of a doubt that my life is going to be a life of making music and sharing that music with people, whether it’s the masses or a small amount of people, this is the way I’ve chosen to live my life.” Sarah pleaded for an opportunity, and her relentlessness and belief in her talent paid off. Strings were pulled and Sarah soon began playing in bars and “working it fan by fan.”

Sarah’s tireless work ultimately led to the production of her self-titled EP, which was released today. Sarah promised that fans can expect “some really really great songs. I love writing songs and I believe, as an artist, it’s important to put my heart into my music, but I am also not a fool to think I am the best songwriter in Nashville. So, this EP is a collection of some things I really really love that speak to who I am as an artist and share my stance on having fun and moving on from situations and falling in love. There are also a couple of songs on there that I didn’t write that are really really brilliant and I was just so honored that I got to record them.” Sarah knew when she put out an album, she wanted to be authentic to who she is as a person and where she is in her life, so she made sure that her EP reflected the current chapter in her life before it closes. In fact, Sarah deemed this EP her “closure.”

When asked about any particular tracks on the EP that Sarah is especially excited about, she shared that there is a specific song called “Get Out” that was written by Dallas Davidson (Sarah’s ex-husband), Ashley Gorley, and Kelley Lovelace that she deems a stand-out song on her album. Sarah first heard the song about three to four years ago and recalls “being incredibly drawn to this song and what it said and the emotion … I just knew that if I ever had the opportunity to cut an EP or make an album, this is something I wanted to record.” Sarah admits that “Get Out” is a sad song, which she absolutely loves, but she isn’t one to harp on the negative. In fact, antithetical to “Get Out” is a song aptly entitled “No More Sad Songs” on the same EP! But, if we learned one thing about Sarah during our conversation, it is that, sad song or not, she is magnetized by any song that draws on emotion, which precisely defines “Get Out.”

Aside from cutting her self-titled EP, other doors also started to open because of Sarah’s drive and desire to roll up her sleeves and get her hands dirty. TNT’s Private Lives of Nashville Wives came knocking on Sarah’s door, inspired by her dedication to her craft. Sarah appreciated the interest TNT showed in her career because she felt that a television show provided her with the opportunity to correct the impression that so many have that a music career is easy to come by. Sarah explained that the premise of the show (which airs on TNT Monday nights at 11:00pm ET) is the girls going out and enjoying Nashville life, but she also admitted that filming a television show about her own life was “weird and intimidating.” Sarah “was kind of shy in front of the cameras,” but having her band around, a group of people she refers to as her “comfort zone,” she began to open up and become more comfortable with the filming process. Sarah saw the the opportunity as a way “to be a light of positivity and a message of forgiveness and hope and being able to be strong and move on from situations when they don’t always work out the way we foresee them working out. It was definitely a life changing experience for me. It was weird. It was nerve racking. And it was really really fun.” In a true collision of two worlds, Sarah’s EP contains a song called “Bright Lights, Big City,” which was written specifically as the theme song for the show. “Bright Lights, Big City,” a girls’ night tune that differs greatly from Sarah’s typical writing style, is available EXCLUSIVELY on the Walmart version of the album.

Currently, Sarah is writing for her full length album, which she hopes to record in the next six months. Sarah is looking forward to heading out on the road to perform her music for her fans, whom she lovingly refers to as her “friends,” so she can bring her music to those who buy it. “Anybody who is going to invest in me and allow me to do what I love to do and follow my passion and dream, that’s a friend to me. I owe them endless gratitude.” Sarah mentioned that her management has been working on setting up shows, tentatively beginning in the short-term, and she is hopeful that an opening slot on a tour is in her near future.

For Sarah, the most important thing as an artist is that people value songs. She explained that she is absolutely in love with Nashville and its writing community and that she does not consider herself a reality star. Her “heart is in making music and writing music and writing music people can relate to and that they can get a story, or I can convey an emotion … have people go through this journey of music with me.” Sarah emotionally stated “I know I have so far to go, but thinking back to that little girl in Georgia, sitting in the room when I heard my mom talking to the youth pastor for the first time saying this is what Sarah can do, and she can really have a career in this … that little girl would be so blown away and ecstatic about what I have going on today. I just feel so grateful and honored that I’m where I am.”

With a lack of female country artists in mainstream country music today, Sarah Davidson could be one from whom we start hearing more, and I am definitely looking forward to it! Check out the song below and tell us your thoughts!

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