Scalpers Beware! @KipMooreMusic Is Fed Up!

Kip Moore recently took to Facebook to express his disdain toward ticket scalpers and the unfair financial burden they place on concert-goers who want to support their favorite artists. Rather than electronically composing his message to these people who sell tickets above face value to make a dollar, Kip hand wrote a letter to these individuals, posting photos of the letter to his social media.

In his strongly worded letter to scalpers, Kip stated:

[f]rom 18 to 31 I lived paycheck to paycheck working a lot of long hour jobs for very little pay. I know what it’s like to live on a strict budget and wish you had funds to take your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, friend, daughter, son, etc. to a show or a game but you just can’t afford to. I understand the blue collar lifestyle and I always will. It’s the sole reason I wanted to make this fall tour affordable for everyone since it was the first time I’ve ever been able to control  the cost.

He further provided:

There are things in this world that piss me off that I know I’ll never be able to change like s****y people in congress, mechanic that tell you your motor is blown when its most likely a small problem, rising gas prices, selfies every 2 seconds, duck lip selfies, phones in general, paying $75 for a decent seat at a baseball game, people that b***h just to b***h and being politically correct, and the list goes on. But above all, the thing that pisses me off the most is scalpers. I could sit back and ignore it, because I know it’s a losing battle, but I just can’t do that. People are trying everyday to fix this problem, but it’s a difficult task.

Kip concludes his letter with:

I understand doing whatever you can to make a dollar. I also understand there are ethical ways of making that dollar. Twist it however you want to make it to seem like what you’re doing is ok, but it’s not. I want to always keep prices low, so don’t be a d***. Thanks to all the loyal and supportive fans.

I must say, I commend Kip for speaking out on behalf of the fans and for calling attention to a problem that has been prevalent during concert season for quite some time. What do you think of Kip’s approach to this matter? Do you agree that ticket scalping should be stopped?

To read Kip Moore’s entire letter to scalpers, visit his Facebook page.

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