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Well I promised you wouldn’t be disappointed by Food Network Star, Celebrity Chef and Restaurateur Scott Conant, and we delivered! I was blown away by the support and the fantastic turnout for our first Thursday night #HeyStar Twitterview, which will be our normal day and 6pPT/9pET will be our regular time.  

In less than an hour, we generated over 3,000 tweets, made over 128 million impressions, with a 5+ Million reach and hundreds of participants. Those ninja-like fingers of Chef Conant’s pretty much blew up the interwebs and had our twitter kitchen on fire. Thank you so much for supporting our new dream #HeyStar, the next generation of online Entertainment and to you Scott Conant, we can’t wait to have you back.

It was so much fun to get to know Scott in real-time. He is funny, smart and so absolutely charming. Make sure you’re following Scott on TwitterFacebookInstagram, his website or anywhere he posts. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Q1 @ConantNYC Describe yourself in 140 characters?

A1 I’m actually fun and really funny I love to laugh and I’m a big joker firm but very fair & thoughtful

Q2 @ConantNYC So you’re an ‘Outlaw Country’ Music fan…what artists are on your #MustHave playlist?

A2 HUGE outlaw country fan!!! Waylon and @willienelson of course!! Also love me some Johnny cash

Q3 @ConantNYC If a song played every time you walked in a room what would you want it to be? #ConantThemeSong

A3 it would have to be the beginning of “like a rolling stone” Bob Dylan I LOVE that song

Q4 @ConantNYC I’ve heard you say several times on #Chopped ‘that’s the worst thing I’ve ever eaten” what IS actually the worst?

A4 Haha. We have had some bad stuff! Probably a pan a cotta gone wrong…very wrong! Lol

Q5 @ConantNYC What’s 1 thing you absolutely cannot live without & 1 thing you wish we could all live without? via @Teeco71

A5 I can’t live without my family & my girls. I wish we could live without these damn phones. Haha

Q6 @ConantNYC Is there any food that you really dislike? How do you remain unbiased when judging in on #Chopped? via @CountryInAZ

A6 I think our opinions are formed by our experiences….so there is always a bit of a bias. But I truly dislike… Raw onions unprepared. Durian, insects and rodents

Q7 @ConantNYC How are you around food all the time and stay in such great shape? via @JoyceCherrier

A7 I can’t answer that with a straight face. Lol I have a long way to go,But I try to get to the gym 3x/wk

Q8 @ConantNYC If you had to eat/cook up any animal’s balls, which would you choose? #TesticalFestival via @shootinthedirt

A8 HAHA What if I like them raw?? Jk! Probably lambs balls…tender and delicious. Lol

Q9 @ConantNYC If you were stuck on an elevator who would be ‘not so horrible’ to be stuck with & what would you talk about? (past/present)

A9 Hmmmmmm Depends on a lot. Maybe @guarnaschelli We always have a TON of fun together. I’d have her talk food

Q10 @ConantNYC what is the best mistake you ever made? via @MarcyMassura

A10 Too many to name As long as you pull the positive out of it, no such thing as a bad mistake

Q11 @ConantNYC Since it is #SharkWeek do you have any good shark recipes that you could throw out in 140 characters? via @sneezeguard

A11 Grilled steaks EV olive oil lemon leaves and capers.

Q12 @ConantNYC Do you think social media should have rules? If so what’s one rule you try to follow? via @brittwv

A12 It’s never correct, the volume of rude and angry messages. We’re all going about our lives #relax

Q13 @ConantNYC If they made a movie about your life what would it be called & what actor would you want to portray you? via @heykim

A13 Definitely Bradley cooper would play me. Cause it’s my movie! And it would be called “making a mess of it”

Q14 @ConantNYC what project/charity that you’ve worked on, was the closest to your heart? via @tierabolt

A14 Im such a softy! Wanna help everyone @AlexsLemonade @Citymeals @CityHarvest and @MissingKids to name a few

Q15 @ConantNYC Is there anything we haven’t asked you about you that you think fans would want to know about you?

A15 I’m multi layered….too much to say. Hahaha

BONUS QUESTIONS  (there were SO MANY so you can just go to Scott’s twitter feed and check them out but I pulled a few for you:

If you want to learn a thing (or two-hundred) about using social media productively and engaging fans, Scott Conant is who you should follow. In fact, when I was dreaming up #HeyStar and thinking of who I wanted to feature, he was that exact ‘who’ that came to mind. Scott Conant is at the top of my list of Celebrities who get social media, and how to use it effectively to accomplish productivity goals. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook or Instgram he is truly an interesting man. He shares insights, personal thoughts, opinions, recipes, info about his restaurants, upcoming events…basically letting you into his world and providing value to his followers.

Scott Conant

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Scott Conant brings a deft touch and unwavering passion to creating singular dining experiences with soulful food and a convivial atmosphere. His career spans nearly 30 years, including multiple restaurants, an enthusiastic following of fans and an ever-expanding brand. He has established himself as one of the country’s top chefs and restaurateurs.

A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Conant broke out onto the restaurant scene in his twenties, running the kitchens of famed Italian spots such as il Toscanaccio, Chianti and City Eatery, which earned glowing reviews under his leadership.

Conant officially put his name on the map when he opened the beloved L’Impero in 2002. It garnered a three-star review from The New York Times, the title of “Best New Restaurant” from the James Beard Foundation and praise from top publications such as Gourmet and Food & Wine, which named Conant one of America’s Best New Chefs in 2004.

Following the success of L’Impero, Conant opened Alto, an elegant Italian restaurant in midtown Manhattan. Always looking to raise the bar, Conant eventually moved on to bring his own vision of sophisticated, savory Italian cooking to life with Scarpetta, which he now operates in Las Vegas, Miami and Los Angeles.

In recent years, Conant has also opened D.O.C.G. Enoteca, a casual wine bar at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, and unveiled his Culinary Suite, a beautiful private loft in Soho where he can interact daily with guests and bring them his special brand of hospitality through private dinners, cocktail parties and cooking demos. In 2013, he debuted a signature menu at McCarran International Airport’s new American Express Centurion Lounge. In December 2014, Conant opened CORSAIR by scott conant at Turnberry Isle Miami resort in Aventura, which serves rustic, seasonal cuisine inspired by the farmhouse cooking of America and the Mediterranean.

He has appeared on the Today Show, The Chew, CBS’ The Talk, Live with Kelly & Michael and Good Morning America, and is a regular judge on Chopped, the highest rated show on the Food Network and one of the top shows in all cable television. Conant has also published three cookbooks: New Italian Cooking, Bold Italian and The Scarpetta Cookbook.

Author: Jessica Northey

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