Sexiest Male Country Voices – 7 Quick Clicks

One of the sexiest cinematic voices of all time, Morgan Freeman, recently appeared on The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon and a particular video from his appearance went viral. As anyone who has ever heard Freeman’s voice knows, he was blessed with an undeniably sexy, deep, charismatic set of chords. However, on this video, he sucked helium and tainted that beautiful sound that escapes from his throat.

Anyway, I digress. Seeing Freeman with Fallon, especially in a segment involving his voice, made me think about the sexiest male voices in country music. So, without further ado, I present #CMchat’s 7 Quick Clicks of the Sexiest Male Country Voices.

1. Trace Adkins

Mmm mmm mmm … That man has some of the deepest booming vocals out there. You can’t deny that this gentle giant’s voice can soothe your soul with one note.

2. Josh Turner

From the second ladies across the world heard Josh Turner deeply and sexily utter the words “baby lock the door and turn the lights down low,” hearts melted everywhere.

3. Scotty McCreery

How could Josh Turner NOT be followed up with Scotty McCreery? It’s like his vocal baby brother. If Scotty sang this song to me, he could certainly see me tonight.

4. Toby Keith

Ignore the scandalous video here and just focus on the vibrato in Toby’s voice. He sings a ballad like no other and, regardless of your political views, you have to admit — this man belongs at the top of a sexiest country voices list.

5. Lee Brice

There is something beyond special about Lee Brice. Maybe it’s the emotion, maybe it’s the range, maybe it’s a combination of both; but if you didn’t realize just how incredibly striking his voice was before this post, you MUST watch this video.

6. Garth Brooks

What’s sexier than a man with countless smash hits and staying power groveling for a woman’s love? Not much. Not much at all. Sit back and listen to Garth fall to his knees in this Billy Joel cover.

7. George Strait

I would be remiss to not cap this post off with King George. Now, the King sounds phenomenal on all of his tracks, but there is something about this song that makes my heart stop.

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  1. you forgot Chris Young

  2. You should have #ChristianKane on your list!!!!

  3. Christian Kane is missing from this list. He has the most amazing voice I have ever heard.

  4. Christian Kane will be the only man to get my vote.. He is multi-talented with a voice like honey! and WRITES his own amazing songs as well! ♥

  5. they don't list who the others are I voted for him would love to to know what place he is in

  6. Hey voters…if you are not familiar with Christian Kane, please check him out on YouTube before you vote. The best voice in the business and I am not a Country fan…but he rocks.

  7. My vote goes to the amazing, multi-talented and most under valued entertainer Christian Kane. How could he not be on this list???

    • I don’t know if Jen is familiar. He hasn’t really done anything lately has pitched to our blog or to us. Do you know who is publicist is? I’d love to have him to a #CMchat sometime! 😀 😀

  8. Missing from your list is Christian Kane, who has undoubtedly got one of the sexiest singing (and speaking) voices out there. It’s very distinctive and once heard, it is simply unforgettable.

  9. Christian Kane should be on this list. His voice is absolutely amazing!

  10. Christian Kane is missing from the list. He has the Most raspy, sexy voice I've ever heard. He is an amazing country artist. I love how he takes country music, mixes in a little gasoline, and gives the fans a rip roaring show every time.

  11. Well, some good voices listed more sure, but I could listen to Scotty McCreery sing and talk all day long!

  12. No question about it, Christian Kane.

  13. Christian Kane isn't on the list. 🙁

  14. i cannot believe christian kane was not on this list! let's do this, kaniacs!!

  15. Where is Christian Kane?? He NEEDS to be on this list!! His voice is unbelievable, and he is the sexiest male country singer out there. Christian Kane has my vote!!!!

  16. Christian Kane should be on this list. He has a very amazing and very sexy voice!

  17. You'd better make it the Top 8, because you've got your list off a bit. Christian Kane belongs in #1. He rocks my world with his original songs and his sexy, emotion-packed tenor!

  18. Feels like Christian Kane is often overlooked…..He should definitely be on this list.

  19. I am shocked that not only is Christian Kane not on this list but Paul Brandt as well! Both have two of the SEXIEST voices in country…! 🙂

  20. My vote goes to CHRISTIAN KANE , amazing voice and great actor and oh yeah not bad on the eyes either!!! 🙂

  21. Christian Kane has the finest voice I've ever heard and therefore my vote goes to him now and always.

  22. Where is Christian Kane? I don't see him on the list and he absolutely should have been! He is hot, sexy and his voice .. no one comes even close to it!

  23. Why isn’t Christian Kane on this list???? He should be.

  24. Please add Christian Kane to your list his voice can melt your heart and steal your soul.

  25. JASON MICHAEL CARROLL!!!! <3 <3 <3

  26. Jason Michael Carroll is the most talented artist out there in the music industry!!!! Ohhhhhhhh that voice mmmmmhhhmmmmm, enough said!!! 🙂

  27. Sexiest Country Singing Voice? Hands down Christian Kane. And he is not on your list. You may want to go to You Tube and search if you never have heard his voice.

  28. Christian Kane is the best since Elvis! He has the charisma we girls like. Nashville, pay attention to what we are saying, man. You don’t pick up on him, you lose out. He is the hottest thing out there in men singers and actors. Can’t get enough of him!

  29. Why isn't Christian Kane on here! He is not only a talented actor/songwriter/singer but drop dead gorgeous to boot!!! Love love love CK!!!

  30. Where's Christian Kane at ???? He should be at the top of the list

  31. Christian Kane should be on this list. He has the most sexiest voice I have ever heard. Love him and love his music.

  32. Christian Kane needs to be on here…..nice, Oklahoma-country voice:)

  33. Why is Christian Kane not listed!!! Doesn’t matter I wrote him in. If you don’t who Christian Kane is, listen to even to just one of his songs and you will be hooked.

  34. christian kane best voice ever

  35. Just voted for Christian Kane not sure why he didnt make the ‘list’ he has sexiest voice and sexiest everything else lol ♥♡♥♡♥♡

  36. You should have Christian Kane on this list and any future ones you do he is a amazing singer and actor

  37. You really need to check out Christian Kane on YouTube!!! His whiskey velvet voice will make you close your eyes and smile! And, his #Kaniacs are a world-wide force! Love'ya #Kaniacs! <3

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