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It’s no big secret that Blake Shelton is the hottest name in country music right now, so when fellow “The Voice” co-host and international pop artist Shakira decided to infuse a little Nashville twang into her upcoming album, she felt it was only natural to ask for his help.

“I think she did a hell of a job. One thing for her to say she’s going to do something and another to do it. And I’ll be damned, a month and a half ago she wrote and said, ‘I wrote the song and I want you to tell me what you think of it,’¬†said Shelton quoting Shakira.

And I said, “Gosh dang you did exactly what you said you’d do, It sounds like a hit song.”

The “Hips Don’t Lie” songstress wanted a truly genuine country influence, and felt Mr. Shelton was just the man for the job.

“I told him I wanted to work with Nashville people, I was a little tired of L.A. I wanted people with another point of view, real people with roots whom I feel comfortable working in the same room.”

“And I told Blake I wanted to do a song that had the narrative of a country song, that was picturesque, that was a real song. But it also needed to suit me because after all I am Columbian,” said¬†Shakira.

Another not so big shock is that the coaches of the hit show enjoy performing each other’s music, so when the acutely different artists decided to collaborate they were also paying tribute to their respective genres.

It also appears that the Columbian beauty has left quiet an impression on Blake Shelton.

“She was one of those huge, international stars I had only seen from a distance, She feels like someone I have known my whole life. She’s motherly to everyone she meets. I love being around her mad seeing how she treats the group of people who travel with her. She’s just a real person.”

Sounds like Shakira chose wisely by seeking his expertise in country music and spotting a hit song. If anyone disagrees, he has 3 straight wins before buddy and opponent Adam Levine broke the streak with his win at the end of Season 5.

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