Sister C

We had an absolute blast on #CMChat with Sister C when they joined us for a Twitterview! These girls are amazing and very fast tweeters!! We got to talk with them about plenty of things including, who their music influences are, what they took off of being on the X-Factor, and what is important to them! Check out the rest of our chat with Sister C right here:

Q1 Describe who you are & what you do in 140 characters?

A1: we’re 3 sisters from Texas to Nashville 2 years ago to chase our dreams of becoming a country music trio!

Q2 What inspired you to write #LadiesOfTheSouth? via @EmilyAnnWells

A2: We were new to the song writing stuff & #ladiesofthesouth was easy to write bc well it’s our story!

Q3 When did you realize that music could be a career for you? What age? via @CountryInAZ

A3: We always thought music COULD be a career for us, it wasn’t until about 5 years ago that we really got serious.

Q4 Do you all collaborate together when writing songs or does one person come up with the ideas first? via @KCarib

A4: sometimes we have all kinds of thoughts & ideas, but we usually have to put our heads together and collaborate.

Q5 Favorite song you’ve written & why? @tierabolt

A5: #faintofheart is our fav now. It’s for us ladies!!! We’re so proud/appreciative to see the positive feedback!!!

Q6 Who do you go to for advice & best they’ve given regarding your career in music industry?

A6: We’re blessed to have a huge support system. Our dad, our management , Adrian Michaels, @leebrice @JONSTONE02 .

Q7 We’re loving your single #faintofheart, any album news? @shootinthedirt

A7: Thank you so much! We’re working very hard to get the best material together for you guys. Hang tight!

Q8 if someone had never heard your music, explain your sound in 3 words?

A8: Sass, Harmonies, & Couuuuuuuntry !

Q9 Is there anything we haven’t asked you about that you think fans should know?

A9: Just know that we are so thankful to have so many people supporting us! We work for YOU!

Q10 What is the best way for people keep up with you?

A10: PLEASE follow us on ALL social media platforms! We are really good about keeping everyone in the loop!

Sister C

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