Review: @SkylerDay’s Debut EP #BetweenTheIAndTheYou

You may recognize Skyler Day from the television screen, especially those of you who love NBC’s hit show Parenthood (she played Drew’s girlfriend, Amy, for seventeen episodes). But what you may not know about Skyler yet is that as talented of an actress as she is, she is also a phenomenal singer-songwriter-musician. While Skyler continues to shoot television shows and films at this time, she is also stepping into the musical spotlight and sharing more of herself than she ever has before. Her journey begins with her new EP, out today, “Between the I and the You.”

“Between the I and the You” is a collection of five songs that bring us closer to the girl who has brought us over thirty different characters since she embarked on her career. Skyler’s style can best be described as acoustic country/folk, filled with heart, soul, and intelligently crafted lyrics. As indicated by the title, the tracks all focus on aspects of a relationship — the ups, the downs, and the struggles of deciding whether it’s time to move on and close a door.

In songs like “Circles” and “After the Show,” Skyler questions the sincerity of a relationship and whether the chase is worth the pain anymore. “After the Show” is an incredibly honest piece of music that, likely, channels Skyler’s personal experiences and poses the question of whether somebody wants to be with her because she is Skyler or if his intentions are less pure and he’s with her because she is Skyler Day. It is this kind of honesty that will help Skyler find her niche in a genre that embraces truth.

“Not Tonight” is a musical highpoint on the album, while serving as a personal low point for Skyler in the relationship about which she croons. This track follows the aforementioned, tending to prove that Skyler realized the toxicity of the man she was with and that she finally found the courage to turn the page in her book. “Ian’s Song” is a followup to “Not Tonight,” showing that Skyler has moved on and discovered the light at the end of the tunnel, and his name is Ian. This new man has taught her what it feels like to be with someone who values her and she has fallen fast … so fast that she’s ready to use the word that falls “Between the I and the You.” A song of unadulterated devotion, Skyler opens up and admits her state of vulnerability, which is flawlessly emanated through her performance.

The final song on the EP, “Just Stay,” specifically shines through, as it best demonstrates Skyler’s range while also showcasing her obvious ability to act, even through her music. This track contains instrumental depth, as well as vocal layers, creating a more emotional story about a girl wondering if the guy she is with is longing for his past. The song is a message of nobility and humility, recognizing and respecting when somebody may not be fully invested and that it might be time to explore his feelings; even though she would rather he just stays forever.

Skyler Day’s EP “Between the I and the You” is a beautifully written and delivered project that bleeds truth and sincerity, successfully allowing Skyler to make that difficult crossover from actress to artist. What sets Skyler apart from the rest, aside from her uniquely beautiful and serene vocals, is her capability to emote through every word of each song in a way that her predecessors and peers often cannot. Perhaps it is years of playing different roles and learning to portray characters that has given Skyler this edge, but, regardless of the “why,” it is an edge that will take her far musically.

Click on the album cover below to download Skyler Day’s “Between the I and the You,” available now.

Watch Skyler Day perform “Ian’s Song”:

Skyler Day

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