Skyler Day

Skyler Day is an actress-singer-songwriter-musician from Cumming, Georgia who got her start in acting at the ripe old age of six. After meeting a talent agent randomly at the Department of Motor Vehicles (“DMV”), she began to work in print, commercials, and voiceovers, setting her sights on the bigger prize. With a plan in mind, she began honing her negotiation skills, striking a deal with her parents that if she landed a lead acting gig by the date of her eleventh birthday, they would move to California so she could pursue her acting career.

From Georgia to California they went, as this talented young actress accomplished what she set out to do. This lead role has ultimately led to Skyler portraying over thirty characters on television and film, including recurring roles on NBC’s Parenthood and Law and Order: SVU. Skyler has also scored guest spots on CSIGrey’s Anatomy, and iCarly.

Skyler Day Parenthood

The buck doesn’t stop here for this triple (quadruple?) threat who is also an extremely gifted singer-songwriter-musician. Dialing it back to when Skyler was embarking on her acting career, she also began trying her hand at songwriting. At the age of ten, Skyler penned her first song, and then, only a few years later, picked up a guitar and became an even more well-rounded young artist. Inspired by the likes of Jewel, Carole King, Sheryl Crow, and Ingrid Michaelson, Skyler continued to work on her music while building her acting resume role by role.

The hectic life and schedule hasn’t stopped for Skyler, even though seventeen years have passed since that fateful day at the Cumming, Georgia DMV. While she is still filming movies and television shows, Skyler is also actively in pursuit of a country music career, and released her debut EP earlier this week. Between the I and the You is a five-track collection of songs from Skyler’s heart that shows off her writing skills, as well as her guitar and vocal prowess. In fact, Country Music #CMchat was so impressed with this budding artist’s introductory project that we gave it a stellar review and are eagerly anticipating the next moves in her musical career.

If Skyler’s history of drive, passion, and success is any indication of where her career in country music will go, we should expect to hear her name coming out of the mouths of industry executives sooner rather than later. Who can possibly resist somebody who has been so incredibly capable of building a name for herself in entertainment, solely on her own volition, and possesses enough talent to crossover to music seamlessly? Certainly not our team!

Watch Skyler Day perform “Ian’s Song” off her EP here:

Skyler Day

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