Single Review: Smithfield – Nothing But The Night

Smithfield began as a duo five years ago in 2011. They performed in their native state of Texas for a year before making the big decision to move to Nashville where they currently reside.  The duo blends a little bit of rock and a little classic country in their music, reflecting the stylistic and musical backgrounds of its vocalists, Trey Smith and Jennifer Fielder. They gain fans wherever they have a chance to perform and I believe their career will only grow from here.

Their new single, “Nothing But The Night” has a fresh, vibrant sound and both Smith and Fielder have clear, strong voices. Although not all duos sound seamless without effort, the voices in Smithfield work well together throughout the choruses while standing out individually in the verses. By referencing “the stars are falling” and “fireflies lighting up the July sky,” Smithfield sets up a perfect summer night of romance with their lyrics through every line of the song.

As a new duo in country music, Smithfield recently had the honor and privilege of being invited to perform at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. Their most recent performance occurred on June 3rd, 2016 and they are scheduled for additional performances in the next few months. If you are visiting Nashville, make sure you check out the line-up to see if you can check them out and hear their new single live.

“Nothing But The Night” has gained popularity and started playing as a Highway Find on Sirius XM The Highway on May 27th. You can help keep it in regular rotation by reaching out to The Highway and requesting to hear it through calling, emailing and posting on Facebook and Twitter. You can also purchase the single on iTunes.

Have you had a chance to hear Smithfield’s new single yet? Let me know what you think.

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