Smitney #BigSmo Starring Big Smo on AETV Ep6 Recap

In the sixth episode of Big Smo, Smo and his fiancee Whitney (collectively “Smitney”) plan their upcoming nuptials. However, both the bride and groom seem to have different weddings in mind…

Just to recap Big Smo on A&E TV is a real life series following country rapper, Big Smo, as he takes his unique style of music to new heights with the support of lifelong friends, loyal fans, and his beloved family. It is a behind the scenes look at Country Rapper, King of Hick Hop Big Smo’s family, music, and rise to stardom. His music is Country fried rock rap otherwise know as HICK HOP.  It’s a sub-genre of Country Music with a twist of southern rock and roll delivered in a rap form.

Big Smo has a few nick names, the King of Hick Hop, King of the Country, Boss of the Stix, Hick Ross, Big Boss, The Big Smocephusbut call him what you want to call him, this is one of the first reality shows to come along in a long time where the star is authentic and I wouldn’t expect anything less from someone like Big Smo, who always tells it the way it is, especially through his music, and has a posse around him like manager Dan Nelson, singers Haden Carpenter and Alexander King as well as his beautiful other half Whitney, along with his Mama, children and kinfolk (the name he gives his fans).


Yep! Big Smo is getting hitched, and these days, one of my favorite things to do is daydream about my wedding. Oh man, we’re gonna have everything! A Moonshine fountain, four-wheelers, guns with flowers, and all of my friends are gonna be there. The band, my mom, the girls, and the sign flipper I met when I did my taxes. And me and Whitney are gonna tie the knot in the middle of a cornfield. 

At least that’s what Smo thinks … the show starts off with Smo’s daydream about his wedding, but quickly shifts to Whitney bopping him upside the head and telling him to focus on the planning. Whitney has Smo “at the Taj Mahal of women’s magazines,” looking for wedding ideas, which are more than likely contrary to what Smo has in mind. You would think with all the details Smo has dreamed up, he would want creative control over his big day, but, instead, he tells Whitney to handle everything, except his areas of expertise — music and food.

Just when Smo thinks he escaped wedding discussions, Haden brings the planning up as the guys chow down at Slick’s BBQ. This causes a smoment where Smo expresses his frustrations of planning the wedding. As if Smo isn’t already beginning to feel the stress enough, his manager Dan raises a taboo topic – “who’s going to be your best man?” And a hush (puppy) falls over the crowd. The silence quickly ends as Alex and Haden plead their cases to be selected for the coveted role. Haden comes up with the one two punch to Alex “you don’t know anything about stargazer lilies!” Alex quickly concedes with a laughing “no, I don’t!” Of course, Big Smo puts the guys to the test to see who is better suited for the best man suit the day of the wedding!

Once Smo realizes the complexities of planning a wedding, he agrees to see a wedding planner. When the wedding planner extracts ideas from Whitney about her dream wedding, it couldn’t be more different than the one Smo described in the opening sequence. Smo’s face drops as he hears about floating candles, horses and carriages, and the like.

What is the result of the wedding planning? Who does Big Smo choose as his best man? Check out the link below to watch Episode 6 of The Real Big Smo! And don’t forget to check out his new album “Kuntry Livin” available at Walmart and on iTunes

Check your local listings to catch Big Smo on A&E TV, or you can get it on demand right here.

“You can tell when something’s real,” says the man known simply as Big Smo. “You can tell when it’s true. And I think what’s made us successful and gotten us this far is that we’re just real people, down-home country folk who really love to make music. People see that.”

Word of mouth, charged by the Internet, meant Smo could count his YouTube views in the millions before he talked to a record label. Low-budget videos showcasing his 32-acre farm, which has been passed down for generations, is his home base HQ. Homegrown in Tennessee, the self-proclaimed Boss of the Stix seamlessly weaves his work and play, his lifestyle and music on that farm, as compellingly as he weaves country, rock and hip-hop together.

His loyal fans – who he affectionately calls his Kinfoke – had better get ready to share Big Smo with an even larger audience.

​The reason begins with the release of his major-label debut (June 3 on Warner Bros. records), titled Kuntry Livin’, a 13-song look inside the mind and music of one of the world’s true originals. Followed by a debut of an A&E original series centered on the country rapper, and it’s obvious this larger-than-life Tennessean has entered new territory – with every bit of the edge that brought him here.

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