Somethin’ Bad’s About to Happen (Video!)

Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood recently announced that the music video for their power packed duet, “Somethin’ Bad,” is being released on Wednesday, June 25th. While we have seen several teaser photographs for the video that corresponds with one of the most talked about duets of this country music generation, fans are still licking their lips and chomping at the bit waiting for the premiere of this inevitable video filled with bad assery.

Carrie Underwood felt the pain that was radiating through the two tremendously large and positively tumultuous fan bases and released a fourteen second clip, sneak peeking what we all will get to see in mere hours. It should come as no surprise, based on the lyrics to the song, that we see alcoholic shots being taken by sassy characters (Belle Boyd and Priscilla Parker) who make mugshots look like glamour shots.

Stay tuned tomorrow for our review and posting of the new and highly-anticipated “Somethin’ Bad” video! Until then, tide yourself over with a fourteen second glance at what is yet to come!

If you haven’t yet heard the full version of “Somethin’ Bad,” take a look at Jen Swirsky’s review of the song from the night it premiered on the Billboard Awards. Included in the review is Jessica Northey’s exclusive in-person video that Jessica filmed from the front rows of the Billboards in Las Vegas!

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