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Get ready to toe tap to some Southwestern Country Music with Arizona Originals Tucson songwriters at The Rialto for “Song Behind the Story” on July 8th. The spotlight will shine on the magic that happens when pen and guitar meet, Southwestern Country style. Enjoy a taste of Nashville in the Old Pueblo, a sound that captures your ear and the lyrics, your heart.

The showcase features an All-Star lineup of Arizona Originals  Artists – Andy Hersey, Billy Shaw Jr, Jay Faircloth, Drew Cooper, Caiden Brewer, Robert Moreno, Monica Mendez, Charles Lolmaugh, Laki Skouras, Kayleigh Walker, Mark Edward Miller, John Soland, Jason Curtis, John Hawk and Federico Ronstadt Jàcome. Each artist will perform his/her original tunes, sharing intimate behind-the-song stories with the audience, giving Tucson a view of the writers’ room like it has never seen before.

Host Christopher DeSimone (Morning Show Personality KVOI Wake Up Tucson) will be joined by Billy Shaw Jr and ME, Jessica Northey as emcees.   My goal with Arizona Originals is to build a satellite Music City in town, basically a Southwestern Nashville in the desert, so join me on this journey.

Doors open at 7 PM AZT. Tickets are available at RialtoTheatre.com (direct link to purchase —> https://goo.gl/9CTLom )

For more information about Arizona Originals go to Facebook.com/AZoriginals
For press opportunities, contact Jessica Northey here.


Billy Shaw Jr
Born and raised in Tucson, Arizona. Started singing along with Kenny Rogers & Willie Nelson as a kid, took up the Violin in 4th grade. Now a Singer/Songwriter in his own band as well as the 2016 Tucson #NashNext Winner and a National Finalist.

Andy Hersey
Andy’s songs on are a strong elixir of roots-rock, country-and-western, and roadhouse blues. Sure to raise the roof as soon as it goes Andy is genuine Southern Arizona cowboy rock ‘n’ roll. The sounds and narratives you will hear at his shows are conceived in the land they come from. He’s a winding drive through rolling pastures, past yucca, agave, and windmills while the Mustang Mountains slumber in the distance.

Jay Faircloth
Originally from Ashburn, GA. Got his music start in Athens, GA. “The years ain’t important. The influences are.”

Jason Curtis
Got started playing in bars in Northern Michigan at age 13. Originally from North Carolina but grew up on Drummond Island, MI. Served as an Intelligence Analyst in the U.S. Army. Has opened shows for Gary Allan, Diamond Rio, Andy Griggs and Rick Trevino.

Andrew Cooper
Born in Springfield Illinois and moved to Tucson Az in middle school.  Grew up listening to country music and fell in love with it. Influences include Garth Brooks, George Strait, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Stoney LaRue  Pat Green, Dierks Bentley as well as Jimmy Buffet, James Taylor, John Mellencamp, Sublime and Alice in Chains.

Caiden Brewer
Caiden is from Tucson Arizona and got into music after he blew out his knee and couldn’t play college football. The rest is of his story is happening in real-time. Look forward to where this road takes him.

John Soland
Tucson native, born and raised! Started with metal and alternative and as he pumped the brakes moved toward folk/alternative with a country twist. Rhythm guitar at church on Sundays performs at local venues.

Federico Ronstadt Jacome aka Kiko Jacome
Native Tucsonan grew up listening to my Mother singing and playing guitar in the kitchen along with my Aunts (one of which happens to be Linda Ronstadt), Uncles, and cousins. Began writing songs age 18, self-taught singer-songwriter and guitarist.

Mark Edward Miller
Born in Mississippi, but moved to Tucson at a young age. Started singing in church when I was 4 and have loved it ever since. Was raised on country music and decided to pursue it at an early age.

Kayleigh Walker
Tucson Native for 22 years (aka my whole life haha). Grew up listening to all kinds of music but immediately fell in love with bluegrass and country music. Been doing it ever since and loving every new opportunity and adventure along the way!

Charles Lolmaugh
Born and raised in Marana, AZ. After watching Roy Clark on Hee Haa I knew what I wanted to play guitar. I have been playing guitar now for 38 years and I have received my Guitar Specialist Certificate from Berkeley College of Music.

Monica Mendez
Born and raised in Tucson, AZ. Love for music grew since a young a child listening to backyard guitars and vocals from my grandparents who were known for being a Mexican music duo around town. Self-taught singer/songwriter took up karaoke around town and met Robert Moreno who gave me my first start in performing with a live band back in the good ol’ days of the Cactus Moon!

John Hawk
San Francisco born and raised. Worked with a show band in Nashville in the ’70s. On the road for 4 years, Tucson John Hawk Band for many years.


Author: Jessica Northey

Everyone asks “what exactly do you do Jessica?” What some of my family members say, “she tweets for a living” is my favorite, but really the title that puts food on the table is “Social Media Influencer,” the definition sounds simple, someone who influences others through social media, but I consider myself a Citizen Journalist broadcasting and entertaining with news, thoughts, opinions, delivering information in my own unique way. Famous for my ‘sass wit and straight from the hip’ style I’ve always been called a “Social Media Pioneer” in the music industry. I’m also an On-Air/Online Broadcasting Host and Personality, Digital Media Strategist, Country and Music Blogger/Journalist as well as a Nationally recognized Speaker and Founder of Country Music Chat, News and Views Entertainment Website CMChatLIVE.com. My favorite accomplishment is starting the largest Country Music Hashtag community in the world Country Music’s #CMChat. It all started with a hunch...back in the early 2000’s I would dial up the internet via AOL and join chat rooms whilst watching my favorite programs on TV. Loved watching Reality Shows with my Mom in Tucson, and blowing her mind with how I always knew who was going home on the Bachelor or Big Brother. Don’t think she ever caught on that I was talking to people via computer on the East Coast, where it had already aired. (We didn’t have the uber-spoiler Twitter or Facebook to ruin results and awards shows for us yet.) I’ve been taking over the internet, one tweet at a time and have accumulated over 3 Million followers/friends/fans across all my Social Media networks. Over the years I’ve been consistently ranked as an influential online personality and even named as a Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencer. I was the first person Merle Haggard followed when he got on Twitter and spent the day with Garth Brooks at Twitter and Facebook when joined the social media world.

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