Song Review: @GwenSebastian Featuring @MirandaLambert: “Annie’s New Gun”

As soon as you start Gwen Sebastian‘s new single “Annie’s New Gun” you will get up and start dancing at your desk chair, couch, car, or wherever else you’re listening. It’s one of those rare catchy country songs that catches you at the beginning and has you reeled in until the end.

A collaboration with Miranda Lambert, “Gun” begins with the celebratory chant “It’s all right, it’s okay, my boyfriend left me yesterday. But there’s more where he came from, time for Annie to get a new gun.” This is not your typical breakup song. She isn’t singing as a woman scorned, but as a woman relieved. Country music has had its fair share of great songs about breakups where the angle is all about hurt or wanting to get back at the one who did you wrong. In this song, Sebastian is liberated by her ex leaving (as she remarks in the first verse, “He was so lame”) and is already out on the prowl. And not for the next big romance but “just enough to get (her) through the night.”

Musically, “Annie’s New Gun” has something for all country fans. It’s got a nicely paced, danceable tempo (I’m still grooving as I write this) and fun lyrics for the pop-country faction, and enough twang in its slide guitar and Gwen’s voice to please fans missing that traditional sound. Plus Miranda Lambert adds a bridge that has the sass of a female equivalent to the verses of your average “bro-country” tune.

Most of all, it’s fun! Country radio is littered with songs from the guys about hitting the town, picking up girls, and having a good time. There’s no better artists than Gwen and Miranda to deliver a party song from the ladies.

The message? Gwens just want to have fun. And yes, all those gun references in the song mean what you think they do.

Check out the 80’s-themed video for “Annie’s New Gun” here (Note: There are two versions of the song, with and without Lambert. The version in the video is the one without her.):

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