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Independent country artists Sonia Leigh and Sasha McVeigh have taken matters into their own hands, doing whatever necessary to make sure their music is heard by the masses. In fact, Sonia admits that she is breaking all the rules and planning her strategies by going against the mold.

It appears that the formulas these two solo female artists have employed thus far have been successful ones, to say the least.

Sonia recently released her single “When We Are Alone,” a song that fans were quite eager to hear on radio. Despite the current climb of the song, she shared a special piece of information with me to pass along to those loyal Sonia followers who are still awaiting new music … more is on the way! To be specific, people can expect “Booty Call” (featuring Brooke Eden on background vocals) to be released to Sirius XM The Highway and iTunes on May 11th!

So, with exciting things on the horizon for Sonia, when she got the invite from her friend Sasha to tour the United Kingdom (“UK”) with her, how could she decline?

I was like “hell yeah!” It’s something I really always wanted to do.

The two have since taken Europe by storm, introducing themselves and their music to fans who might not have otherwise heard either artist. Making sure to use their time wisely, both ladies are playing new songs overseas, gauging fans’ reactions to what they are releasing in the short-term.

Sasha shared with me that she will be releasing an album worldwide on June 8th, beginning her United States promotion during CMA Fest in Nashville and continuing on to tour the country, participating in five large summer festivals. Sasha is incredibly excited to bring her music back to the States, especially the songs that will be released on her forthcoming record.

This is my first full band album, and it’s really cool to be able to release that in both places and to promote it in two places.

For our Country Music’s #CMchat friends who haven’t yet been exposed to Sasha’s music, she describes her sound as:

primarily country, but you can definitely hear a different … I don’t sing about trucks and tailgates. We don’t have that over here! That would be quite weird if I was singing about that and we don’t have those things! It’s definitely a combination of all genres though. I mean, my dad was a country music fan, so he’s the person who got me interested in the genre when I was literally eighteen months old. . . . My mom loves blues, folk, and rock . . . so there’s definitely influence and that kind of stuff in my music. But they’re very lyrical, heavy songs. I love lyrics!

And while Sasha hails from the UK and is impacted by the lifestyle across the pond, her album was actually recorded in Nashville and includes electric guitar by James Mitchell (Cole Swindell) and drums by Lonnie Wilson.

With Sasha already having her bearings in Nashville and the United States, it seems as though an album release is the next logical step; but what is it like for Sonia, a United States artist, to enter the UK and play for a myriad of new faces?

It’s going quite well so far.

The humble Sonia’s definition of “quite well” is sold-out shows, press in the crowds, bloggers in attendance, photographers clicking away, and fans coming out in droves to see her.

Jen, it blew me away. . . . They kept me on the stage, kept calling out songs for me to play, and it was just very humbling.

With her fan base continuing to grow and develop along side her, Sonia is working on the pending release of her song “Put It in Your Pocket” in the UK, as well as the production of a full-length album . . . when she has time! With the remainder of the UK shows and CMA Fest ahead of her, it seems as though the soonest Sonia will have time to bunker down and put her album together will be in late Summer/early Fall with a release around the first of the year.

For right now though, the dynamic duo of friends and artists remains on the European roads, traveling to different venues, squealing with child-like glee as they enter never-before-visited terrain. To stay up-to-date with Sonia Leigh and Sasha McVeigh and to obtain upcoming tour dates, visit their official websites by clicking on their names above. You can also stay connected with the girls on their social media:

Sonia Leigh – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Sasha McVeigh – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Listen to Sonia Leigh’s “When We Are Alone”

Listen to Sasha McVeigh’s “No Strings Attached Romance”

Sonia Leigh When We Are AloneSasha McVeigh EP

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