[email protected] Sings of Love Behind Closed Doors in #WhenWeAreAlone (Watch!)

With the buzz as of late regarding certain relationship-based stories in the country music community, it seems apropos that someone who is willing to face issues and judgment head on would emerge with a song to open people’s minds and hearts to finding the acceptance of others. Lucky for us, it was Ms. Sonia Leigh who presented the world with a song she co-wrote with Danny Myrick and turned what was classified as “news” into something much more real and intimate than that — feelings.

At a recent show at SOUTH in Nashville, Sonia performed an acoustic version of her new single, “When We Are Alone,” which will be released to Sirius XM The Highway in the short-term. In introducing the song to the audience, Sonia explained that she and Danny put pen to paper to compose a song about the reality of those who are in secret relationships and cannot express their love for significant others in public.

It’s about, um, loving somebody behind closed doors, and maybe it’s not something that’s out in the open, but, uh, you’re kind of wishing that it was.

As always, Sonia then proceeded to open her mouth and cause everybody around her to abruptly close theirs and pay explicit attention to her; even those who are watching the video after the fact on the Internet. From the opening strums of her guitar, Sonia is visibly lost in the music, removing herself from what’s around her and focusing only on the words she is about to deliver. Then, applying her vocals that are uniquely hers, Sonia begins to sing about the skeleton in the closet that is the subject of the song — a relationship that has yet to be exposed.

The powerful, and equally painful, chorus goes:

Oh, the things that you say when we are alone, you lay me down and tell me I’m your home, but here I am, here I am waiting, waiting baby. Oh, your words are singing to me like a song, the sun is setting on you like a stone, and I keep hanging on and on to the things you say when we are alone.

As always, this incredible artist commands attention and respect with her outstanding performance. However, this time, a listener/viewer is able to feel more connected to Sonia than before, due to the subject matter of the track. Because words can do Sonia Leigh and her talent no justice, watch the video below and allow yourself to be mesmerized like so many have before you.

Keep listening to Sirius XM The Highway for “When We Are Alone” to fall into regular rotation. You can download the single now by using the iTunes banner below.

Watch Sonia Leigh’s “When We Are Alone” (acoustic)

Sonia Leigh When We Are Alone

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