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December is a perfect time for celebrating family, so we shine the spotlight on a trio of sisters from Mississippi as our #OneToWatch for December – Southern Halo. Comprised of Natalia, Christina and Hannah Morris, the trio are starting to make some noise within the industry with their self-titled debut album, as well as their current single and video, “Little White Dress,” which recently netted them an add on iHeart Radio’s WKSF in Asheville, NC – no small feat for an independent act.

“We did our first radio tour, and went all over Kentucky, North Carolina, and Virginia,” Natalia told “We were in Asheville and met with Roger McCoy, and had such a great time talking with him. It was so much fun.”

Granted, there has been a lot of work in promoting the music for Southern Halo, but Christina admits there is nothing she and her siblings would rather be doing.

“It’s been so much fun. We released the single, and have had a blast. The album has opened up so many opportunities for us – getting to open up for a lot of awesome people, and filming our first video. It was an 18 hour day. All of our friends were there, and we had so many wardrobe changes. We had to rush from one place to the other, but most of it was done in our hometown in Mississippi.”

Those Delta roots are something that each of the Morris sisters hopes comes across in their music. Christina explained:

“Where we grew up is the home of the blues, and we grew up like a lot of children – playing piano. Natalia started it, and she took off on it really well. Then, she found dad’s college guitar in the closet, and Hannah and I thought we needed something cool to do. So, to fit our personalities, Hannah picked up the bass because she’s so laid back, and for me, I kind of hit it off on the drums. We started out with the blues because that’s where we’re from – that was the reason we wanted to play together. Before you knew it, we were asked to open up for BB King on his Homecoming Birthday in 2012 and 2013.”

Opening up for such a musical icon was a memorable moment, admitted Natalia.

“The music that he played and sang was so inspirational. He wrote everything from his heart, and he meant it. So, watching him for the very first time in person just made you feel that you’re there with him.”

Christina added that though there were over six decades between the acts from an age standpoint, they definitely learned a few lessons from King on what it means to be an artist.

“We were just starting out to play together, and we took so much away from watching him. It was very moving, for sure.”

The music on their debut album is a direct representation of the girls’ lives. Younger sister Hannah takes the musical keys on “Moonshine,” which she describes as being “about the moon, and having a picnic outside with your boyfriend, and just chilling.” The track was co-written by recent CMA nominee Kelsea Ballerini.

Each of the sisters can identify with the tongue-in-cheek lyrics of “I Ain’t Crazy (But My Daddy Is),” which Natalia quips is about real life – and their father.

“He does have three teenage daughters, and anytime a boy comes around, he sets them straight, that’s for sure. That’s a very true song.”

So far in their relatively young career, Southern Halo has opened shows for acts such as Brantley Gilbert, Parmalee, and Jamie Lynn Spears. They have found the artists they have opened for to be extremely gracious and supportive – as are all the musicians in Nashville who have helped them along their journey. “The first time we ever came to Nashville, it felt like a big city with all these incredible musicians, and they are all so good,” Christina said. “It can be a little bit intimidating at first, but everybody here is so nice. They are so willing to help you out,” while Natalia added, “They all have the same dream that you do.”

Follow Southern Halo on Twitter and visit their website. Pick up their self-titled album at iTunes.

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Author: Chuck Dauphin

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