SPOTTED: @BrianMansfield at Taylor Swift’s Nashville Secret Session…

Taylor Swift hosted her second 1989 Secret Sessions and this time it was in Nashville … AND our friend and #CMchattys #MustFollowWriter Brian Mansfield was invited to the motherland and survived the adventure! Interesting fact about Brian: He was the first person Taylor followed on Twitter! What a title to hold!

The event was held in Taylor’s parent’s living room and was equipped with chicken nuggets (another inside joke between Taylor and her fans), cookies and tissues. Good call on the tissues…we all know how emotional it can be being inside your favorite singer’s home.  Actually…no I don’t. I’ve never had the opportunity and the fact is…most people don’t. What Taylor is doing is so innovative and thoughtful.

Okay back to Brian’s big night! This was the first time in 9 years Brian had the opportunity to join in and for those that know…Brian has been a constant in Taylor’s career. He’s covered her music from the very beginning! Another Taylor plug, but how cool that she hasn’t forgotten the people who have supported her from the curly hair, cowboy boot start?! They sealed the night with a photo on the very piano from which the chorus of “I Knew You Were Trouble” was pinned.

Although he was sworn to secrecy over getting a listen to the highly anticipated 1989 listen, Brian did not hesitate to express that this album simply does not disappoint.

Congratulations to all who went…and um, hey Brian…was her baking really all it’s cracked up to be?

Until next time…this lid is closed-CMChatterBox


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