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As of late, Country Music’s #CMchat has been covering a new group, Stella James Band. The response to the trio’s music has been widely positive, but the lingering question has been “Who is Stella James Band?” It is because of the warm reception to the band’s new music and those inquiries that we chose the act as this week’s One to Watch.

Stella James Band may be a new group in country music, but the members of the harmonious trio are anything but strangers to the industry. Comprised of Sarah Davidson, Rachel Bradshaw, and Ty Graham, Stella James Band is the musical marriage of three good friends who combined their solo efforts with the mentality that there is power in numbers.

With Sarah and Rachel each coming to crossroads in their careers and Ty being a close friend and colleague of the two blonde beauties, it seemed like the natural next step for the three to team up and form a band. However, it wasn’t until Rachel vocalized the formation of a trio that Stella James Band came to life.

That fateful moment happened when the three friends and musicians were at Rachel’s house, writing a beautiful song called “Songbird.” Knowing of Sarah’s recent departure from her record deal and Rachel’s parting of ways with potential management, Rachel suggested that the talented trio take their friendship to a professional level and join forces to create one act. The idea was music to Sarah’s and Ty’s ears, and in that magical moment, all three knew something special was about to be born.

As soon as the decision was made that Sarah, Rachel, and Ty were going to go from solo artists to a group, musical inspiration began to flood their veins, making the songwriting process easier than ever. One song (“Songbird”) quickly became four (“Stella,” “Red Flag,” “Highway”), and each of those tracks are ones of which the band members are truly proud.

The group insists that making themselves and their loved ones proud is the focus of Stella James Band and its music. Sarah, Rachel, and Ty have all been involved in attempting to satisfy others with their crafts in the past, but now it’s all about self-fulfillment, writing about what inspires them and in order to bring out the best in one another. What inspires the trio isn’t fitting into a particular mold or falling under the umbrella of a certain genre; rather, it is about empowering people through their music, wherever that may classify them.

Right now, out the gate, Stella James Band can be broadly classified as a group of talented individuals that has discovered a perfect blend of vocals and instrumentation. With seamless harmonies and unique writing that removes all the bells and whistles that are common in music today, Stella James Band relies solely on its natural gifts and influence to connect with fans and enlighten each other’s lives. And, considering the trials and tribulations each has gone through in his or her personal and professional lives, there is no better group to prove that sometimes you truly do get by with a little help from your friends.

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Watch Stella James Band’s “Stella” video

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