[email protected] Premieres Debut Music Video #Stella (Watch!)

Nashville’s newest hot trio, Stella James Band (Sarah Davidson, Rachel Bradshaw, and Ty Graham), recently released a three-pack of demos to introduce fans to their new project — the combining of three individual forces into one. Considering the warm reception fans gave Sarah, Rachel, and Ty, the three quickly followed the release with a music video for one of their tracks, “Stella.”

“Stella” is a song about a woman who walks into a room, turns heads, and immediately takes ownership of everybody’s attention. The subject matter of the lyrics is rather appropriate for the threesome of musicians, considering the magnetic nature of the group, made instantly evident as soon as their voices blend together and create a single magical sound.

In regard to the video, the production flawlessly fits the aura of the trio, which is a classic vibe — not just in country music, but in poise and precision as well. The video shows Sarah, Rachel, and Ty in black and white, clad in formalwear with the girls dripping in pearls. The ongoing storyline follows the flow of the lyrics, showing the members of the group working together to win the attention and affection of those around them, resulting in financial gain as the three drive away in a classic vehicle.

The video could be viewed as the trio foreshadowing success, stealing the eyes of Nashville and the country music community, all the while creating a fulfilling career. And if Sarah, Rachel, and Ty continue on this path, life will soon hereafter imitate art.

Watch Stella James Band’s “Stella” video

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