[email protected] Takes Radio By Storm with #RaisedByAGoodTime (Listen!)

And just like that, the world has been introduced to Steven Lee Olsen. What we know about Olsen so far is he was raised by a good time and country music radio is totally on board to hear all about the childhood of which he sings.

A Canadian country artist who has writing credits on songs recorded by Craig Morgan, The Judds, Melissa Lawson, and Swedish Idol winner Kevin Borg, Olsen is no stranger to the music industry. However, he is new to Nashville, having signed a record deal with Columbia Nashville in April of this year. His first release as a Columbia artist is his current single, which tops the country radio adds this week, “Raised By a Good Time.”

For the sake of comparisons, “Raised By a Good Time” is a country pop track that could very well have been recorded by a boy band. Hear me out; this is complimentary! Olsen needn’t find four friends to join him on his song though, as his voice is big enough, strong enough, and broad enough to cover all the parts of said invisible boy band.

With an explosive chorus that describes a small town and showcases Olsen’s extraordinary range, while also demonstrating that he does, in fact, know how to have a good time, it is no wonder that radio has taken a liking to this artist. The chorus bursts with:

We were only fifteen running from the blue 5-0, shotgunning in a field with the beams down low. Growing up fast where there ain’t no roads in the heat of the summer night. Kissin’ girls in the back of my old man’s Chevy, crossin’ every line every time she’d let me. Learnin’ ‘bout love, learnin’ ‘bout life, yeah, I was raised by a good time.

Based on this introductory single on a major label, if this is what Olsen is selling to country music, we’re certainly buying it. And, we must say … listening to “Raised By a Good Time” is, admittedly, “one helluva a good time!”

Listen to Steven Lee Olsen’s “Raised By a Good Time”

Steven Lee Olsen

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