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We recently introduced you to Steven Padilla, charismatic Alabama singer/songwriter who pours his heart and soul into his work and has the undeniable ability to translate life into song. Steven’s full length album Good at Goodbye was released yesterday and this eleven track compilation serves as a window into the man behind the music. With each of the tracks being penned by Steven, listeners are introduced to his past, present, and what he foresees in his future; stories which are supplemented by country/pop/rock instrumentation and will appeal to the music lover in everybody.

Steven’s album can best be summarized by two lines in his song “Forgiveness.” The confident vocalist sings “I understand if you don’t like the songs that I sing. They’re just a product of who I am and I wouldn’t change a thing.” The album, from front to back, provides listeners with a detailed account of Steven Padilla. Beginning with the very honky-tonk country sounding “Peaches and Pines,” which sets the tone for the album which reads like a journal, Steven openly shares his life with listeners as if they were dear friends and confidantes and makes no apologies for who he is as a person.

Good at Goodbye can be described as a walk through the life of Steven Padilla, including stories of ex-girlfriends, acquaintances from the past, love, life, and lessons learned. Whether Steven is crooning about his heartache or simply reflecting on the complexities of life, his soulful, soothing vocals make being on this eleven track ride pure joy. One of the album’s highlights is the title track, which, as Steven explained during a recent interview with #CMchat, is a story of his former elderly neighbor. Before Steven was able to play the track for this man who inspired the beautiful tribute, the man passed away. Since the song was penned, it has held a very special place in Steven’s heart, and it will, likewise, hold a special place in listeners’ hearts upon hitting play for the first time.

“Forgiveness” is another standout track on the album, as it breeds the above-referenced theme to the entire project. “Forgiveness” purports to identify the mistakes made in life and recognizes that, despite knowing what’s right, the wrongs happen from time to time. However, at the end of the day, a prayer of repentance can be said and a request for love can be made. “If I Didn’t Have You,” a tribute to Steven’s wife and newborn daughter, aptly rounds out the album in the final spot, as the song focuses on his present day life. The track discusses how Steven was made into a better man through his relationship with the woman of his dreams and the birth of his daughter. Steven admits that, before these ladies entered his life, he thought of only himself, but he was reborn and is now a changed man.

If you want to get to know country music newcomer Steven Padilla on an extremely intimate level, look no further. His full length album, packed from start to finish with songs written by the singer, is as personal as they come and honors that for which country music is best known – its honesty. Steven shines on this project and is just intriguing enough to make listeners wonder what else this talented singer/songwriter has up his sleeve for the next album he is already reportedly crafting.

Steven shares on this album that he isn’t good at goodbye, and, lucky for Steven, it doesn’t appear he will have to worry about bidding farewell to the country music industry anytime soon if this album is any indication of what his future holds.

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