#CMchat Exclusive: @TheSwonBrothers #ChasingYouAround (First Listen!)

With a debut single (“Later On”) that broke into the Top 15 on the US Country Airplay chart, The Swon Brothers, who may be most recognized from season 4 of NBC’s The Voice, entered the scene in true superstar fashion. In fact, “Later On” did so well on country radio, it is a surprise that it has taken quite awhile for another release by the siblings with seamless harmonies. Thank goodness that time has come.

The Swon Brothers’ self-titled debut album is just days away (Tuesday, October 14th), and Zach and Colton are now giving fans a taste of what can be expected on their first full-length offering with a preview of track “Chasing You Around.” Based on this early release, it is clear that what swooning Swon supporters can look forward to are the brothers’ reliable layered vocals that fit together perfectly like pieces of a puzzle.

“Chasing You Around” is a song of uncertainty, asking whether the lady in a man’s life truly loves who she’s with or just simply loves the thrill of the chase. From the opening lyrics of the song, the question is imposed — would she ever choose him over something else if given the opportunity? The Swons deliver their inquisition by drawing comparisons to the beauty of exotic places, the temptations of alcohol, a stunning sunset, and a juicy secret.

The chorus leaves The Swon Brothers wondering:

Is it easy to find a love like mine; to use me up and kick me to the ground? If your heart can do the talking, would it even make a sound? Do you love me or love me chasing you around?

At the conclusion of the song, the male in the relationship realizes that what he has isn’t what he is looking for and that it is time to sever ties and find somebody who will give as much as she will take. Turning the corner (and the proverbial page in his book), the Swons sing “I finally realized I may be yours, but you ain’t mine.”

In a country music world that is saturated with duos, The Swon Brothers are a breath of fresh air, proving that there is something to be said about the uniqueness of singing siblings. Unlike other twosomes currently on the scene, Zach and Colton are able to blend their voices so harmoniously that a listener can’t tell where one ends and the next begins. With striking the genetic vocal lottery on their sides, plus their humble nature, adorably personable demeanors, and incomparable stage presence, The Swon Brothers should just go ahead and call releasing hit songs a “family tradition.”

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Swon Brothers Album

The Swon Brothers’ debut project is currently available for pre-order on Amazon. Fans who pre-order will receive an instant download of ‘Pretty Beautiful‘ and can stream the full album here.

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