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Country Music #CMchat friends, Zach and Colton Swon, collectively known as The Swon Brothers, released their single “Pray For You” in November, breaking into the Top 50 on the Billboard charts. The single served as the second release from The Swon Brothers’ self-titled debut full-length album.

“Pray For You” is a track of togetherness, reminding people in need that, while they may feel lonely, they are never alone. The touching chorus goes:

Sometimes you need more than whiskey; sometimes wisdom just won’t do. Well, I ain’t gonna judge you, I’m just gonna love you. Tonight I’m gonna pray for you.

The music video is an emotional piece that shows the Swons sitting in a diner on a rainy night. Flipping back and forth between performance aspects, showing Zach and Colton singing the lyrics of the track in a booth, and a troubled man speeding down the road, the video purports to tell the story of a United States soldier who has returned from war, only to spiral downward. Ultimately the soldier, clad in camouflage pants and a worn jacket, finds himself walking into the same diner, nursing a wounded hand, and carrying a bag filled with cash and a gun.

A montage appears of the man in the diner, fighting his own mental demons and deciding whether to continue what seems to be a crime spree, interspersed with a young boy and his mother and an elderly lady, each saying their prayers for this man; a man who is shown in picture frames strewn about their homes. The waitress in the diner also takes on a similar role, being presently there for the man in his time of need, offering him a hand to hold and the support he needed to get his life back on track.

The video concludes with a monumentally life-changing moment for the man that will bring you to tears, while also causing you to put your hands together and say a few words for somebody you know who is in need. The Swons have truly outdone themselves on this project, a tearjerker that will resonate with you and permeate your thoughts in the best of ways.

Watch The Swon Brothers’ “Pray For You” video

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