.@SoniaLeigh Sings of Love Behind Closed Doors in #WhenWeAreAlone (Watch!)

[email protected] Sings of Love Behind Closed Doors in #WhenWeAreAlone (Watch!)

With the buzz as of late regarding certain relationship-based stories in the country music community, it seems apropos that someone who is willing to face issues and judgment head on would emerge with a song to open people’s minds and hearts to finding the acceptance of others. Lucky for us, it was Ms. Sonia Leigh who presented the world with a song she co-wrote with Danny Myrick and turned what was classified as...

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.@LeahTurnerMusic Acoustically Breaks Down “Pull Me Back” (Watch!)

[email protected] Acoustically Breaks Down “Pull Me Back” (Watch!)

With “Take the Keys,” Leah Turner poised herself as a female force to be reckoned with in the currently male-dominated world of country music. The top 40 hit may have set her up for success, showing off her voice and her feisty side, but it’s the follow up single “Pull Me Back” that shows her softer side. The softer offering tells the story of a girl who’d rather hug the other side of the bed rather...

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