.@TwoStoryRoad’s #TwoStoryTuesday – What We’re Up To!

[email protected]’s #TwoStoryTuesday – What We’re Up To!

We know we are WAY overdue for an update on how things are progressing over here, but every time we get some things written down and are about to “send,” something else pops up that we think should be included.  We’ve decided to fill y’all in at this exact moment in time from where things stand, and do our best to continue to keep you guys posted. We started final mixing on 4/15 and we’re finishing up this week.  We are proud and...

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.@TwoStoryRoad #TwoStoryTuesday – Mark Bright Interview

[email protected] #TwoStoryTuesday – Mark Bright Interview

Before you watch the video below, it must be said that Mark Bright is the coolest producer IN THE WORLD!!!  Not only does he put up with our goofing around in the studio, but he chimes right in and always gives us a run for our money!  After we finished today’s recording session, we took a few minutes and asked Mark how he felt about everything thus far.  Oh yeah… Did we mention we did the entire interview using the Crazy...

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.@AmericanIdol Breeds Country Idols – Country Music #CMchat 7 Quick Clicks

[email protected] Breeds Country Idols – Country Music #CMchat 7 Quick Clicks

American Idol returns to FOX tonight, January 7th, and will feature the Nashville auditions right off the bat. Is there a future country music superstar standing in line, ready to score a golden ticket, win over the judges in Hollywood, and capture the voting public’s hearts during Season 14 (XIV) of the hit show? We shall soon find out. Country music and American Idol have come together rather seamlessly since the first season...

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.@TwoStoryRoad’s #TwoStoryTuesday – #TwoStoryChristmas @Stageit Concert

[email protected]’s #TwoStoryTuesday – #TwoStoryChristmas @Stageit Concert

Please join us this evening for our special, Christmas themed online Stageit concert at 7pmCT.  Click on the link below to purchase a ticket. You can get in for as little as $0.10, but don’t wait till the last minute to buy your ticket. If you’ve never seen a Stageit show before, here’s how it works. Quite simply, after you get your ticket, your computer becomes a front row seat from your living room, looking into ours! There’s even a...

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.@TwoStoryRoad’s #TwoStoryTuesday – Tis The Season…

[email protected]’s #TwoStoryTuesday – Tis The Season…

As December kicks off, we thought we’d try and help get your holiday season in full gear.  Here are a few Christmas songs that we’ve recorded in our home studio just for fun. “Strange Way To Save The World” About a month ago, a close friend introduced us to a YouTube video of Rascal Flatts performing this song.  As it is with most anything they do, it was amazing.  After a little research, we found out the song...

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