.@JessieJamesDecker’s #ClintEastwood Video Is a Family Affair (Watch!)

[email protected]’s #ClintEastwood Video Is a Family Affair (Watch!)

Recent Country Music #CMchat Twitterview guest, Jessie James Decker, released her new single “Clint Eastwood” only two weeks ago. Now, quicker than you can say “make my day,” the songstress has premiered a video to accompany the upbeat track about theĀ ideal man. Already a unique song with entertaining subject matter, Jessie takes the video to a new level, employing her own family and friends — including...

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.@JessieJamesDecker Releases New Single #ClintEastwood (Listen!)

[email protected] Releases New Single #ClintEastwood (Listen!)

Jessie James Decker has been releasing music single by single for the last couple of months, starting with a Christmas tune that had fans wondering what would be coming next from the country artist/reality television star and host. Fans needn’t wait any longer for the next song in Jessie’s repertoire, as she released her new single “Clint Eastwood” to iTunes last week. “Clint Eastwood” is a song...

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