.@ColeSwindell Begs to #LetMeSeeYaGirl with New Single (Listen!)

[email protected] Begs to #LetMeSeeYaGirl with New Single (Listen!)

So far in his young, yet successful, career, Cole Swindell has chilled it, hoped for the woman he was lusting after to get lonely, and cheers’ed to everything but the girl who broke his heart. Now, he has recovered from the pain and moved past the booty call, finding the confidence to reel a certain lady in face-to-face. Cole’s new single, “Let Me See Ya Girl,” certainly doesn’t show off his romantic...

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Cole Swindell Brings You Down Home Sessions

Cole Swindell Brings You Down Home Sessions

Tomorrow night’s Country Music #CMchat guest, Cole Swindell, has made his mark on the industry in just a short time. Between hit songs he has penned that have been recorded by other artists and his own trifecta of single releases that have wowed fans and industry professionals alike, Cole has set the stage for a long and lustrous career in country music. Following the success of his self-titled debut album, the abundantly...

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.@LukeBryanOnline Celebrates Eleventh Consecutive Number 1 Song #CMnews

[email protected] Celebrates Eleventh Consecutive Number 1 Song #CMnews

Luke Bryan’s current single, “Roller Coaster,” has won the hearts of country music fans (as do all of Luke’s releases). Substantiating the support “Roller Coaster” has received from fans, the song recently motored all the way uphill to the Number 1 spot on the charts. “Roller Coaster” marks Luke’s eleventh consecutive Number 1 single and the fifth in a row off his double platinum...

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.@ColeSwindell Premieres “Hope You Get Lonely Tonight” Video (Watch!)

[email protected] Premieres “Hope You Get Lonely Tonight” Video (Watch!)

It is certainly a great time to be Cole Swindell. A Number 1, platinum-selling debut single; a Top 10 sophomore release; a third song working its way up the SiriusXM The Highway countdown; and now, a music video for his hit, “Hope You Get Lonely Tonight.” Yes, it is definitely a wonderful time to wake up, look in the mirror, and see Cole Swindell’s reflection. “Hope You Get Lonely Tonight” peaked at...

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.@ColeSwindell Releases “Ain’t Worth the Whiskey” (Listen!)

[email protected] Releases “Ain’t Worth the Whiskey” (Listen!)

Cole Swindell has been tap dancing all over the charts with hit songs “Chillin’ It” and “Hope You Get Lonely Tonight,” so it should come as no surprise that his next single, “Ain’t Worth the Whiskey,” is already making an impact in the country music industry. Experiencing the success of two songs simultaneously is something Swindell is no stranger to, as his first two singles kept each...

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