.@MirandaLambert Fan Girls Over Queen B

[email protected] Fan Girls Over Queen B

It appears Miranda Lambert has room for only a select few in her Little Red Wagon, and one of those lucky passengers is Ms. Queen B herself, Beyoncé. Miranda recently admitted to Taste of Country that she fan girls over the music superstar, and almost (but not all the way) equates herself to a stalker. Miranda stated: I went to see her in Dallas. Beyoncé is so famous, she has like a celebrity meet-and-greet. Like there’s a...

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.@DustinLynch Continues to Share His Love for @Reba

[email protected] Continues to Share His Love for @Reba

Dustin Lynch has made it no secret — he certainly does “love somebody” and that is Ms. Reba McEntire. One person who is well aware that she cranks his tractor is Reba herself. Now, if you were Reba, how would you handle it? “What do you say” in a moment like this? So far Reba has fed into Dustin’s crush, using Twitter to congratulate him on his Number 1 album, Where It’s At. In response,...

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.@CMT Hosts the Ultimate Kickoff Party

[email protected] Hosts the Ultimate Kickoff Party

As an Alabama Crimson Tide fan, a post of this nature pains me and I likely will not recover until next year, but the show must go on… For those who are not in mourning, this information is up your alley, because chances are you will be celebrating the big BCS Championship game (while others of us drown our tears in various alcoholic beverages of choice). Celebrating along with you are the fine folks at CMT, who will be throwing...

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