The Lacs Concert Review – Leesburg, Virginia

The Lacs Concert Review – Leesburg, Virginia

Country rap duo The Lacs took the stage at the Tally Ho Theatre in Leesburg, Virginia on February 6th, and to say they were amazing would be an understatement. Although their music screams rough and rowdy, their stage presence is very mellow. They are authentic in every aspect and nothing they do is forced. They took the stage and the room immediately lit up. The boys opened up with “Field Party,” which features JJ...

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.@GarthBrooks’ Birthday Was Certainly NOT the “Pitts” (Watch!)

[email protected]’ Birthday Was Certainly NOT the “Pitts” (Watch!)

Garth Brooks celebrated his birthday on Saturday, February 7th, and he didn’t do so alone. In fact, the entire city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania joined the bash. Heck, if Garth is in town on his special day, it should be a citywide holiday. Obviously his superstar wife, Trisha Yearwood; his record label, RCA; and the beloved Pittsburgh football team, the Steelers, agree, as each of them joined in the festivities, making...

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.@GarthBrooks Reclaims @Billboard Country’s Top Spot

[email protected] Reclaims @Billboard Country’s Top Spot

With his first full-length studio album since 2001, Man Against Machine, Garth Brooks burst back on to the scene in November, soaring to the top spot on the Billboard Country chart and resting firmly at Number 4 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart. This week, Garth made his return to the top, dethroning Carrie Underwood and her album Greatest Hits: Decade #1. Perhaps it comes as no surprise to country fans that Garth’s...

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.@GarthBrooks Has “20/20” Vision (Watch His “Experience”!)

[email protected] Has “20/20” Vision (Watch His “Experience”!)

A couple of weeks ago we reported that Justin Timberlake showed up at one of Garth Brooks’ St. Louis shows. The two met face-to-face that evening, obviously hitting it off, because what came next in their newfound friendship was a treat to a Nashville 20/20 Experience World Tour crowd. Garth is home in Nashville for a short holiday break, also participating in Kelly Clarkson’s Christmas on Broadway charity show that took...

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.@JTimberlake Covers @GarthBrooks After Meeting the Living Legend (Watch!)

[email protected] Covers @GarthBrooks After Meeting the Living Legend (Watch!)

The evening following the highly social media publicized meeting between Garth Brooks and Justin Timberlake after a St. Louis Garth Brooks World Tour show, Justin hit the stage at his own show in Oklahoma City and paid homage to the man whom he admired as a spectator in the crowd just twenty-four hours before. Telling the audience that he had been in attendance at the Garth show a night earlier, Justin then broke into “blame it...

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