.@HunterHayes Awarded @RIAA Certification Trifecta … In One Day

[email protected] Awarded @RIAA Certification Trifecta … In One Day

Artists wait a lifetime to receive word that their works of passion have earned them coveted RIAA certifications. Being presented with one plaque is a dream come true for those who have worked tirelessly to develop a fruitful career doing what they love. Then there is Hunter Hayes. In true Hunter fashion, he takes the dream, raises the bar a few notches, and conquers it in the way only a bonafide music prodigy can. In one day, Hunter...

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.@HunterHayes Set for Special @TheGrammys Performance

[email protected] Set for Special @TheGrammys Performance

The musical prodigy that is Hunter Hayes is always pushing himself to a new level in the music industry. That’s more than half the reason I personally admire him. And it looks like Grammys week will be no exception. The Tattoo singer will have a crazy schedule leading up to the Grammys. Not only is he nominated for Best Country Solo Performance for “Invisible”, but he is also performing with the members of Grammy...

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