.@TwoStoryRoad’s #TwoStoryTuesday – What We’re Up To!

[email protected]’s #TwoStoryTuesday – What We’re Up To!

We know we are WAY overdue for an update on how things are progressing over here, but every time we get some things written down and are about to “send,” something else pops up that we think should be included.  We’ve decided to fill y’all in at this exact moment in time from where things stand, and do our best to continue to keep you guys posted. We started final mixing on 4/15 and we’re finishing up this week.  We are proud and...

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.@TwoStoryRoad #TwoStoryTuesday – Mark Bright Interview

[email protected] #TwoStoryTuesday – Mark Bright Interview

Before you watch the video below, it must be said that Mark Bright is the coolest producer IN THE WORLD!!!  Not only does he put up with our goofing around in the studio, but he chimes right in and always gives us a run for our money!  After we finished today’s recording session, we took a few minutes and asked Mark how he felt about everything thus far.  Oh yeah… Did we mention we did the entire interview using the Crazy...

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.@TwoStoryRoad’s #TwoStoryTuesday The Debut Release: Coming This Spring!

[email protected]’s #TwoStoryTuesday The Debut Release: Coming This Spring!

This past Sunday, while playing at the Bluebird Cafe, we announced a Spring 2015 release for our debut project. Shortly after that, all of our social media sites got flooded with questions like, “WHAT DOES THIS MEAN!?” We decided to make this week’s #TwoStoryTuesday, all about that… B&J 11/18/15 –...

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.@TwoStoryRoad’s #TwoStoryTuesday – The Debut Release: Choosing Songs

[email protected]’s #TwoStoryTuesday – The Debut Release: Choosing Songs

We want to start out by saying that we know nothing drives fans more crazy than when an artist says they’re going to give an update on things like a new album or new tour, and then the big announcement contains extremely vague information that really doesn’t say anything.  We apologize in advance if this, or any of our posts (past or future) come across that way.  We honestly aren’t trying to do it on purpose.  It’s...

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Cooking with @TwoStoryRoad #TwoStoryTuesday #Recipes

Cooking with @TwoStoryRoad #TwoStoryTuesday #Recipes

This week, we’re trading in our microphones for measuring cups and speakers for spatulas.  We thought it’d be fun to share just a few of some of our favorite things to make in the kitchen. “Jamelle’s Coconut Coffee” As you’ll see in the future, we put coconut products in a lot of our food. Why is coconut so healthy you ask?  Check out these links: http://www.coconutresearchcenter.org...

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