Randy Houser Embraces His Inner Outlaw in New Single “We Went” (Listen!)

Randy Houser Embraces His Inner Outlaw in New Single “We Went” (Listen!)

Stoney Creek Records recording artist Randy Houser recently experienced much deserved success when his beautiful ballad “Like a Cowboy” peaked in the Number 3 spot on the charts. Faster than Randy could cinch his saddle up he has announced the release of a new single, “We Went,” the first off his forthcoming fourth studio album, showing a more adventurous side of the man who taught us how country feels. As an...

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.@RandyHouser Sells Over Three Million Singles from #HowCountryFeels

[email protected] Sells Over Three Million Singles from #HowCountryFeels

Before we get into the news portion of this article, let’s take a moment to just sit back and think about the fabulousness that is Mr. Randy Houser. He has one of the best voices in country music, ever, and could sing me the phonebook and I would melt. Clearly there are many more people out there who feel that way, considering the number of singles Randy has sold since the release of his How Country Feels album. The offering has...

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.@RandyHouser Unveils “Like a Cowboy” Video (Watch!)

[email protected] Unveils “Like a Cowboy” Video (Watch!)

We previously raved about Randy Houser’s new single “Like a Cowboy” in a review of the emotionally driven track about a rodeo man trying to balance the love for his career and the love for a woman. We will now rave about the song’s corresponding music video. The full-length video takes Randy’s fans back to the Old West, where Randy portrays a cowboy who doesn’t have time for a drink in the saloon...

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.@RandyHouser Teases New Video for “Like A Cowboy”

[email protected] Teases New Video for “Like A Cowboy”

Photo cred Tiiu Loigu With Randy Houser making waves with his new single “Like A Cowboy” on country radio, he readies the release of the music video for the new tune. Directed by Dustin Rikert, the week long video shoot had Houser all over Tucson, Arizona in various locations like the Old Tucson studios where popular westerns like Tombstone, Three Amigos and Arizona were filmed. Expect to see William Shockley (Dr. Quinn,...

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.@RandyHouser’s New Single Will Drive You Wild “Like a Cowboy”

[email protected]’s New Single Will Drive You Wild “Like a Cowboy”

On the heels of Randy Houser’s hit song “Goodbye Kiss” comes his next single that is sure to ride into radio stations, drive listeners wild, and propel Houser right back up the charts. In the next release off the 2013 album How Country Feels, Houser pours his heart and soul into the lyrics, exuding vulnerability and weakness in the strongest of ways. From the opening line of “every time I fall, I get back up...

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