.@LukeBryanOnline Gives Home to Orphaned Nephew

[email protected] Gives Home to Orphaned Nephew

Last November Luke Bryan’s brother-in-law passed away, and left behind was Luke’s 13-year-old nephew, Til. He had already lost his mother previously, so this left Til without a parent figure. That is until now. Luke has officially announced that he and his wife have taken Til, the youngest of three kids born to Ben Lee Cheshire and Bryan’s late sister, Kelly, into their home. Luke and his wife Caroline had taken Til to the...

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.@LadyAntebellum & @ChrisStapleton Pay Tribute to @LukeBryanOnline #DrinkABeer #CMTAOTY

[email protected] & @ChrisStapleton Pay Tribute to @LukeBryanOnline #DrinkABeer #CMTAOTY

Luke Bryan and his family suffered a devastating loss last week when Bryan’s brother-in-law, Ben Lee Cheshire, passed away unexpectedly. Cheshire was the husband of Luke’s late sister, Kelly, who died tragically in 2007. Bryan was been forced to deal with enormous loss, even pre-dating that of his sister. His brother, Chris, also passed away in 1996 from injuries sustained during a car accident. Bryan recorded his hit song...

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