.@GarthBrooks Becomes First @RIAA Platinum Country Artist of 2015

[email protected] Becomes First @RIAA Platinum Country Artist of 2015

It should come as no surprise that the man that is a machine, Mr. Garth Brooks, is now a platinum-selling machine once again. His ninth studio album, Man Against Machine, the highly acclaimed record that houses emotional single, “Mom,” and ode to the importance of human nature, “People Loving People,” has now shipped over one million copies. Man Against Machine was released on November 11th by Sony/RCA, debuted...

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.@GarthBrooks Battles @HodaKotb in “All About Country” Game (Watch!)

[email protected] Battles @HodaKotb in “All About Country” Game (Watch!)

On Thursday, January 8th, Garth Brooks made history when he joined NBC’s The Today Show as a guest host and musical performer, accompanying the anchors of the morning news series for the entire four-hour period. During the show, it only made sense to have a little fun with this Man Against Machine and find out if he could dance The Dance they would throw at him while he was pulling his double duty. Before beginning, Garth paid...

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#Garthapalooza Continues on @TheTodayShow with @GarthBrooks

#Garthapalooza Continues on @TheTodayShow with @GarthBrooks

Garth Brooks has done a great job making his rounds, promoting his new music, record-breaking world tour, and social media presence, but what he has on his agenda next is unlike what any other has done before. This is because when you are Garth Brooks, you go big or you go home; and Garth has no intention of going home on January 8th. Garth will join NBC’s The Today Show’s team of anchors the morning of January 8th, but...

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.@GarthBrooks Reclaims @Billboard Country’s Top Spot

[email protected] Reclaims @Billboard Country’s Top Spot

With his first full-length studio album since 2001, Man Against Machine, Garth Brooks burst back on to the scene in November, soaring to the top spot on the Billboard Country chart and resting firmly at Number 4 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart. This week, Garth made his return to the top, dethroning Carrie Underwood and her album Greatest Hits: Decade #1. Perhaps it comes as no surprise to country fans that Garth’s...

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.@GarthBrooks Performs a Classic on @TheEllenShow (Watch!)

[email protected] Performs a Classic on @TheEllenShow (Watch!)

Since the return of the great Garth Brooks, we have seen him perform his new singles “People Loving People” and “Mom” on television appearances. However, we have yet to see him whip out an oldie but goodie from his repertoire to remind us all why he is THE Garth Brooks. Well, that moment has finally arrived as Garth takes us back to the early 1990s and lets us know he has no intention of “going down till...

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