Sara Evans Brings New Music With “Marquee Sign”

Sara Evans Brings New Music With “Marquee Sign”

What if potential beaus came with warning signs? Most hearts would beat with joy for the sadness adverted. “Marquee Sign,” Sara Evans latest single, ponders that very thought. Co-written with Jimmy Robbins and Heather Morgan, the Missouri native’s signature vocals soar with the heartbreaking lyrics. “If you would’ve been lit up like a marquee sign, I could’ve saved myself some wasted time.” Adding haunting background...

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.@TwoStoryRoad #TwoStoryTuesday – Mark Bright Interview

[email protected] #TwoStoryTuesday – Mark Bright Interview

Before you watch the video below, it must be said that Mark Bright is the coolest producer IN THE WORLD!!!  Not only does he put up with our goofing around in the studio, but he chimes right in and always gives us a run for our money!  After we finished today’s recording session, we took a few minutes and asked Mark how he felt about everything thus far.  Oh yeah… Did we mention we did the entire interview using the Crazy...

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.@TwoStoryRoad’s #TwoStoryTuesday – The Debut Release: Choosing Songs

[email protected]’s #TwoStoryTuesday – The Debut Release: Choosing Songs

We want to start out by saying that we know nothing drives fans more crazy than when an artist says they’re going to give an update on things like a new album or new tour, and then the big announcement contains extremely vague information that really doesn’t say anything.  We apologize in advance if this, or any of our posts (past or future) come across that way.  We honestly aren’t trying to do it on purpose.  It’s...

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.@TwoStoryRoad’s #TwoStoryTuesday – It’s All In Who You Know

[email protected]’s #TwoStoryTuesday – It’s All In Who You Know

”How did you get an audition to sing with Carrie Underwood?” “How did you become Danny Gokey’s band leader?” “How can I get a publishing deal?” “How did you get Mark Bright to be your producer?” These are questions that we’ve heard a lot.  Nashville is a wonderful but interesting place.  On one hand, if you’ve got a dream to work in the music business, Music City is where you need to be.  On...

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