.@LukeBryanOnline’s NEW Spring Break Video is Heating Us Up! (Watch!)

[email protected]’s NEW Spring Break Video is Heating Us Up! (Watch!)

As Luke Bryan coasts into yet another Spring Break performance for the sixth and final time, he released a video that is almost a tribute to it all. And maybe we’ve been cooped up too long, but it is actually quite touching. The nostalgia kicks in as soon as the video starts. It contains footage from all of his Panama City Beach, Florida shows and encompasses all of the fun that followed, from shots of the massive crowds at the...

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.@Pepsi @GulfCoastJam Announces Star-Studded Lineup

[email protected] @GulfCoastJam Announces Star-Studded Lineup

The Florida panhandle has never seen as many stars shining brightly as it will this Labor Day weekend (August 29th through August 31st). Pepsi revealed its highly anticipated and incomparably star-studded lineup for its annual Gulf Coast Jam event, and it is certainly one for the books. Start putting in your time off requests for days surrounding the last weekend in August because you do not want to miss these superstars as they take...

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