.@AshlieghLisset Releases Sophomore Single “Target on My Heart” (Listen!)

[email protected] Releases Sophomore Single “Target on My Heart” (Listen!)

Ashliegh Lisset came out of the gate almost one year ago with a heavy-hitting debut single, “Kill the Headlights.” For any artist, it is a dream come true to have his/her first song released to iTunes and radio; for Ashliegh, she one-upped that dream and was fortunate enough to have her first release written by her idol, Carrie Underwood. Ashliegh’s debut spent an impressive eight weeks on Sirius XM The...

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.@SoniaLeigh @BrookeEdenMusic @PhilBartonMusic & @BrettYoungMusic – Oh My!

[email protected] @BrookeEdenMusic @PhilBartonMusic & @BrettYoungMusic – Oh My!

Sonia Leigh, Brooke Eden, Phil Barton, and Brett Young joined forces for a Nashville, Tennessee round last night at The Listening Room Cafe. Originally I attended the event to support a hometown friend with no intentions of reviewing the show. However, when you attend a show like the one I witnessed last night, you simply cannot bypass writing about the phenomenal talent that permeated the room, both on the stage and off. Sharing the...

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