.@JimmyFallon @CarrieUnderwood & @BlakeShelton Celebrate #SuperBowlXLIX Champions (Watch!)

[email protected] @CarrieUnderwood & @BlakeShelton Celebrate #SuperBowlXLIX Champions (Watch!)

Following last night’s insanely well-played, neck-and-neck Super Bowl XLIX game, half of America cried tears of joy while the other half sobbed crocodile tears stemming from a serious heartbreak. A near end zone interception potentially prevented the Seattle Seahawks from winning consecutive titles, while providing Tom Brady and Bill Belichick with a history-making fourth championship as a quarterback/coach combination. The...

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Scotty McCreery performs for New England Pre-Super Bowl party

Scotty McCreery performs for New England Pre-Super Bowl party

Scotty McCreery has made it pretty obvious he’s a big New England Patriots fan over the years. We can only imagine the fact he got to entertain the crowd at the New England Patriots’ “Welcome to Arizona pre-Super Bowl party” Thursday night in Phoenix was probably a BIG fanboy moment for him! Scotty wasn’t about to forget to wear  his “lucky” New England Patriots beanie for the performance, and even had his...

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.@CarrieUnderwood Is Getting Some #SuperBowlXLIX Action

[email protected] Is Getting Some #SuperBowlXLIX Action

As the face of Sunday Night Football, Carrie Underwood is no stranger to the NFL scene, so knowing she will be singing a special little jam called “Waiting All Day for a Super Bowl Fight” as the opening theme for NBC’s broadcast of Super Bowl XLIX Sunday really makes sense. Each week of the last two NFL seasons, the multi-platinum recording artist’s performance of “Waiting All Day for Sunday Night”...

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.@KipMooreMusic comes to a #Seahawks defense

[email protected] comes to a #Seahawks defense

So, it’s not exactly a secret that Kip Moore is a fan of football. And he hasn’t exactly kept his inner fanboy for Seattle Seahawk Running Back, Marshawn Lynch, on low key. In fact, he’s been pretty vocal about it. Kip says, “I know that he gets so much flak for how he’s so bad with the media, but there’s no one in the NFL that plays harder than Marshawn Lynch. I respect watching that so, so...

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